Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins Orders Business Closures, Limits Toilet Paper PurchasesDallas County's disaster declaration is now ordering the closure of more businesses to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. It is also placing a limit on toilet paper purchases.
Texans Reminded Flushable Wipes Are Not Really Flushable And Shown The ConsequencesWith the shortage of toilet paper more North Texans are buying flushable wipes, baby wipes and other self care paper products -- the problem is they're not really flushable.
Texas Now Allowing Trucks From Alcohol Industry To Deliver Supplies To Grocery StoresIn an effort to keep grocery stores stocked during the growing concern of the coronavirus outbreak, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has waived laws in order to allow trucks from the alcohol industry to deliver supplies to those stores.
Faced With Possibility Of Self-Quarantine, Are You Ready?Many Americans are now faced with stocking their homes in preparation for what could be weeks of self-quarantine.
Colony Police Thwart High School 'Attack'Police in The Colony thwarted an "attack" by three students outside the high school early this morning.
Who Is She Wearing? Charmin Maybe! New York City played host to the final runway event for the annual toilet paper wedding dress contest.
Dallas Mom Aims To End Toilet Paper PranksAs a mother of three boys, she was tired of seeing her home and other homes covered in toilet paper.
TCU Students Demand Higher Quality Toilet PaperBehind closed doors in stalls around its campus, Texas Christian University has a tissue issue.
So-Called "Flushable" Wipes Causing Pipe, Sewer ProblemsWith each and every flush, some North Texans are doing something that could cost them and their respective cities a lot of money. We're talking about those so-called "flushable" wipes.
Want More Time Off? Some Texas Employers Let You Buy ItWant more time off work to hang out at the beach? Need a little cash and have vacation days to spare? Some North Texas companies allow their workers to buy and sell vacation time, a perk that gives workers more flexibility in managing time off.
Rescuers Called Out To Toilet Paper Holder AccidentMembers of Dallas Fire Rescue responded to a call of a "choking" at an apartment. They arrived to find a woman with a toilet paper holder sticking out of her neck.