Trump Withdraws Nomination Of Plano Native Chad Wolf As Secretary Of Homeland SecurityThe White House announced Thursday that President Donald Trump has withdrawn the nomination of North Texas native Chad Wolf as Secretary of Homeland Security.
Texas AG Ken Paxton Asked Trump Administration To Rescind Virus Relief Funding Houston Used To Expand Voting OptionsPaxton accused officials in Harris County of misusing up to $12 million of the federal funding and violating state law with their plans to expand the use of mail-in ballots for the presidential election.
Rush To Build Border Wall Sections Leaves Damage Including Blown-Up Mountains, Toppled CactusThe push is on to build more of President Donald Trump’s border wall before his term ends next month, that has work crews using dynamite blasts, in remote and rugged areas, forever reshaping U.S. landscapes as they pulverize mountaintops.
Government Makes History Carrying Out More Federal Executions In 2020 Than All U.S. StatesThe U.S. has made lethal injection history. For the first time, the government has carried out more executions in a year than all states that still conduct executions.
After Executing Man In Texas, Trump Administration Prepares For 2nd Federal Execution In As Many DaysHe severely abused his 2-year-old daughter in 2002, then killed her by slamming her head against a truck’s windows and dashboard while traveling through Texas. Today the Trump administration plans to continue its unprecedented series of post-election federal executions by putting Alfred Bourgeois to death.
Trump Administration's Coronavirus Task Force Recommends More Testing In TexasThe state isn't planning to impose additional testing requirements at this time, but that doesn't keep other entities from enacting the recommendations on their own.
South Texas Landowners Battling Land Seizures For Border Wall, As They Deal With COVID-19 PandemicNew data shows that while the coronavirus pandemic gripped the nation, the Trump administration spent the last six months filing 75 lawsuits to seize private land along the US-Mexico border for the border wall.
China Sanctions Texas Senator Ted Cruz And Other U.S. Officials For 'Hong Kong-Related Issues'China said on Monday it has imposed sanctions on 11 Americans, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz and three other U.S. officials, for "behaving badly on Hong Kong-related issues."
Despite Judge's Order, 100 Migrant Children Remain In ICE CustodyThe U.S. government did not release 100 immigrant children detained with their parents despite this week's deadline set by a judge who had described family detention centers as "on fire" due to the threat of the coronavirus.
Federal Government Won't Expel Immigrant Children Being Held In Texas HotelThe Trump administration has agreed not to expel a group of immigrant children it detained in a McAllen, Texas hotel under an emergency declaration citing the coronavirus.
Chinese Official Says Closing Of Houston Consulate 'Seriously Undermines China-U.S. Relations'China said “malicious slander” is behind an order by the U.S. government to close its consulate in Houston and maintained Thursday that its officials have never operated outside ordinary diplomatic norms.