Cowboys, Texans To Donate Game Proceeds To Harvey ReliefGame proceeds, representing contributions by both clubs and the players, will be put toward relief and recovery along the Texas Gulf Coast.
Homeless Man Found Dead After Flash Flood In DentonA homeless man drowned in Denton after fast-moving water, from a flash flood, swept him away. Denton firefighters say several men were swept away when a flash flood hit Sunday afternoon.
Dak Touts Relationship With RomoIf you could use only one adjective to describe Dak Prescott's game-winning touchdown pass to Jason Witten against the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night at AT&T Stadium, you might try, "Romo-esque."
Former Cowboys QB Troy Aikman Donates $1 Million To United WayAikman’s career as a Cowboys Hall-of-Fame quarterback was marked by unselfishness. It stands to reason that as he raises his family in his adopted hometown, his post-football career would be marked by the same trait.
Battling Childhood Summer Hunger 5-Bucks At A TimeThis summer, the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is launching its first-ever digital donation campaign called “Silence the Growl.”
More Texas Families Seeking Assistance Paying Heating BillsThe temperature may be plunging but that also means a lot of electric bills are skyrocketing. The harsh winter has forced more North Texans than ever to seek financial assistance or face having their heat cut off.
Non-Profits Recieve $10.8M To Promote Health Care LawNon-profits based in Texas will receive $10.8 million to advertise and sign people up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.
New Program Helps Schools Combat Childhood ObesitySchool districts strapped for cash are finding creative ways to fight childhood obesity.
Collin Co. Homeless Count Finds Varied & Growing PopulationA search in Collin County has led to a disturbing find. Social workers took to the streets Thursday night and discovered the area’s homeless population is not only varied, growing.
24 Percent Of Texas Children Living In PovertyAccording to a report, 24 percent of kids in Texas are living in poverty. The national average is 20 percent, making Texas one of the worst states.
United Way Cuts Funding For Dallas OrganizationThe United Way recently cut $244,000 from the West Dallas Community Centers -- about 40 percent of the organization's budget.