Vietnam War POWs Gather In Frisco: 'As Long As I Can Travel, I'm Going To Keep Telling My Story'It was a day of camaraderie and remembrance – a chance for these men to share old memories – and make new ones.
Trump Says He May Pardon Boxing's "Greatest" Muhammad AliPresident Donald Trump says he may pardon another late heavyweight boxing champion — this time, Muhammad Ali.
Remembering Iconic Symbol, Machine That Supported US Troops For DecadesThe Huey helicopter changed the way the U.S. fought the Vietnam War.
Trump Awards Medal Of Honor To Army Medic 48 Years LaterAn Army medic who "ran into danger" to save wounded soldiers during a Vietnam War battle despite his own serious wounds on Monday became the first Medal of Honor recipient under President Donald Trump.
Restored Medals For North Texas Korean War Vet & Vietnam War POWTwo North Texas military veterans were presented with restored medals and a Presidential Proclamation in honor of their service in the Korean and Vietnam Wars today in Fort Worth.
Grapevine Honors Veterans With Downtown ParadeThis year's parade highlighted the 50th anniversary of the start of the Vietnam War.
Vietnam War Memorial In Arlington Honors South Vietnamese TroopsA memorial unlike any other in North Texas will be unveiled soon in Arlington. Crews spent Wednesday installing the Vietnam War Memorial in Arlington’s Veterans Park.
The Top 10 Songs Of 1975We're looking back to 1975, and the 10 most popular songs in the nation! It was quite a year. The Vietnam War ended and President Ford had only been in office for a few months.
Vets Honoring 50th Anniversary Of Vietnam War At NAS Fort Worth JRBU.S. Navy CDR (Ret.) Jack Bailey did a lot while serving in both the Army and the Navy, but he would not want to repeat the reception at the airport one man gave him when he returned from Vietnam.
North Texas Soldier To Be Awarded Medal Of Honor Posthumously A war hero from Corsicana, overlooked for many years, is about to receive the military's highest honor. Sergeant Candelario Garcia Junior, a decorated war veteran, was passed up for the honor for several decades.
Dallas Honors Heroes In Veterans Day ParadeOne of the biggest Veterans Day parades in North Texas takes place in Dallas each year. Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Charles DeBellevue is one of the grand marshals in the parade.