A Very Satisfying VideoThis might be the most satisfying video that you see all year. A woman spent 25 hours over the course of eight days working on a project using dominoes. It took her 15,000 of them.
"Mad Max: Fury Road" Without The CGIMany movies these days are so chock full of special effects and CGI that it is hard to tell what is real or what is not. But the creators of "Mad Max: Fury Road" want you to see what they did without computer effects.
Michael Phelps Channels EminemMichael Phelps can perform in the pool to the tune of gold medals. But can he throw down rhymes like Marshall Mathers? Watch him put on a hoodie and test his lip sync rap skills.
An Honest Commercial For Air TravelAir travel is getting worse with cramped seats and the fight for legroom. A stand-up comic has put together a commercial that shows more honesty about the flying experience. It'll make you want to drive to your next destination.
Kids Try 100 Years Of SandwichesWatch as some of today's children get a chance to pig out on classic foods. They’re trying out different kinds of sandwiches, dating all the way back to 1900. And there's a reason that they're called classics.
Why Weddings Are A Total Rip-OffAdam Conover sure likes to ruin things. This time, the YouTube personality is out to destroy what is supposed to be the biggest day in the life of a young couple -- their wedding.
Bizarre Live WebcamsNot every webcam is showing big cities or majestic vistas. Sometimes, webcams are set up on the strangest things. Check out some of the weirder ones that you can find on the internet.
Viral Video: Funny Weather News BloopersIt has to be the worst job for any TV reporter. The ones that get called to go out in the storm to cover a hurricane.
Why You Don't Need 8 Glasses Of Water Each DayAdam Conover tackles a preconceived notion about how much water people should be drinking. In today's day and age, water is not necessarily essential, because it's really just about staying hydrated.
Kenzo WorldSpike Jonze is known for directing movies and music videos. Now, he's made a video for perfume company Kenzo. But this isn't your ordinary ad. The online video has now gone super-viral.
Football's Brain Injury ProblemAdam Conover is taking on football, specifically one of the most dangerous aspects about America's game. He's looking at serious head injuries and the dangers of concussions.
Viral Video: What Thor Was Doing During 'Captain America: Civil War'A lot of people wondered what happened to Thor in the fight between Captain America and Iron Man in the film, Civil War.
Viral Video: Every High School, EverSchool is back in session. If you’re relieved to have left that part of your life behind, this might be the best video to reinforce that thought.
Viral Video: Money Wins AwardsAdam takes on the Golden Globes, Emmy’s and Oscars. They’re all just a big racket.
Viral Video: Can Paper Cut Wood?This has to be the strangest use of a tool ever. You never know how strong something is, until you find out what it can cut.