Thousands Of Fort Worth Water Customers Notified About Credit Card Data BreachAnother data breach has happened in North Texas, this time possibly affecting thousands of Fort Worth Water Department customers.
Fighting Water Rate Increase In Lavon Could Cost CustomersTo fight the appeal, the water board warned customers they could have to pay $63.61 each.
High Water Bills Lead To Angst In FerrisJoe McIntire, however, showed us how his bill dropped to $40 in July, only to go up to $250 the next month. “And they can’t explain that,” he said. “They don’t have an explanation for that.”
Vacant Home Gets $200 Water BillWhen she moved out, Kenna Arredondo expected her water bill to drop. Instead it nearly doubled.
Criminals Running Water Bill Scam In PlanoThe price of water continues to go up around North Texas and now criminals are trying to take advantage of it.
Crowley Family Baffled By Extremely High Water BillA Crowley family is left baffled by an $842 water and sewer bill.
Water Bill Complaints Rushing In Throughout North TexasThe water district says it is coming up with a process by which the cities can discuss changing the way they share costs, but every one of them would have to agree before a change could be made.
Thousands Of North Texans Get Super Low Water Bill... It's WrongWater bills to approximately 3,000 residents show zero water consumption for July.
Slow City Response Results In 92-Year-Old Hit With Huge Water BillA pipe, in the lawn of a 92-year-old North Texas woman, bursts and help doesn't come for hours. The repair is finally made, but the elderly woman is stuck with a huge water bill!
City Makes Multi-Million $ Water Conservation Investment The city of Cedar Hill is making a $9 million investment in water conservation: while also cutting down on theft.
Cities Say New Meters Help Residents Monitor Water UsageWhen you get close to your data limit, chances are you stop streaming all those cat videos. But what do you do when you're using a ton of water? How can you figure out what cutting back on usage will save you?