Check Out The EPA Approved List Of Disinfectants To Use Against COVID-19As the U.S. deals with more confirmed cases of coronavirus more people are questioning exactly what to use to keep their personal space clean and disinfected.
Concern... But 'No Coronavirus In Dallas County Jail!'"It's not a time to panic," shared Dr. Huang at a Dallas County Commissioner's Court briefing today; "but, it is a time to be preparing."
Coronavirus Fears Send Consumer Demand For Hand Sanitizer Up 1,400%Makers of household cleaning supplies like disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers are ramping up production due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus.
Water In Melissa May Taste, Smell Funny In MarchThe altered taste will result from maintenance to the system from the North Texas Municipal Water District.
Pipe Breaks At TCU Dorm, Student Records Ceiling Collapse From Ensuing FloodStudents living in Teresa and Luther King Hall on the TCU campus were relocated after a pipe broke Monday night, causing flooding and an eventual ceiling collapse. 
Big Changes Coming For Fort Worth Water Customers Who Pay Their Bills LateCustomers with service through the Fort Worth Water Department listen up -- one fee for customers who pay their bill late is being eliminated entirely, while another is increasing.
Water, Wastewater Rates Rise In Arlington And Fort WorthStarting Wednesday, January 1, water and wastewater utility customers in Arlington and Fort Worth will notice an increase in their monthly bill.
250,000 Tons Of Plastic Pellets Pollute Our Oceans Every YearTrillions of small plastic pellets known as nurdles have been escaping from petrochemical plants into waterways and oceans for decades.
Pump Failure Leads To City Of Denton Sewer Overflow At Hickory Creek Lift StationAn estimated 400,000 gallons of sanitary sewer water overflowed Sunday morning at the Hickory Creek Lift Station.
Mayor Of Denton Declares State Of Emergency For Mobile Home CommunityThe owner of the well that has supplied water to residents of Green Tree Estates plans to shut it off on Friday.
'Flash Drought' Conditions Worsen Across 14 Southern US statesThe weekly U.S. Drought Monitor report released Thursday shows extreme drought conditions in parts of Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina and the Florida panhandle.