'Light At End Of The Tunnel,' National Guard Delivers Water To Garland Residents In NeedThe National Guard came to the aid of Garland residents approaching two weeks without running water.
Thousands Of Renters In Garland And Arlington Still Have No WaterAbout 35 apartment are impacted, reporting broken pipes and plumbing issues.
District Attorney’s Office Issues Warning About Price Gouging After Texas Winter StormsThe Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office has issued an alert for consumers and a warning for businesses about price gouging.
Water Distribution Centers Serving Residential Customers Open Across Texas The Office of Public Utility Counsel is helping residential consumers who have lost water service by providing locations of water distribution centers across the state.
Just As The Lights Come Back On For Most Of Texas Water Woes Rise In The State & Across The SouthHundreds of thousands of North Texans who lost power for days after deadly winter weather overwhelmed the electric grid now have it back, but the crisis is far from over because many people in the state, and across the South, lack safe drinking water.
Thursday’s Mini-Melt, May Make Overnight Freezing Worse On PipesNormally, the sight of sunshine thawing away ice, would be a welcome sight for North Texans after the week we’ve had. But in some cases, more frightening sites, lie ahead.
LIST Of Boil Water Notices In North TexasBoil water notices are in effect throughout many North Texas cities due to issues caused by winter storms this week.
Dallas Community Creates Crowdsourced Spreadsheet For Help Finding Open Businesses In North TexasThe Dallasites101 community has created a crowdsourced spreadsheet for North Texans to find open businesses amid power outages and water issues.
Water Distribution Efforts Continue For North Texans Affected By Boil NoticesFort Worth emergency management said water distribution is the number one issue they're working on.
Customers Can Get Assistance With Arlington Water Utilities Before 60-Day Past Due ShutoffStarting February 1 Arlington Water Utilities will start disconnecting service to residents with balances past due 60 days or more.
Gardening 101: Plant A Tree In Honor Of 'Texas Arbor Day'You need to remember the next sentence if you are going to live in north Texas. Late Fall is the time to plant a tree.