Sternest Charge Over Texas Man's Pot Brownies Dropped Prosecutors have dropped a first-degree felony drug charge that could have imprisoned a 19-year-old Texas man for life over the making and selling of brownies laced with marijuana and hash oil.
Pot Brownies May Land Texas Teen Life SentenceA 19-year-old man who could face years in prison for making brownies laced with marijuana and hash oil said Wednesday he remains scared despite new evidence that his attorney believes should reduce the charges.
Texas Confirms State’s First Chikungunya CaseThe Texas Department of State Health Services has confirmed the first human case of chikungunya, a viral disease that can cause severe joint pain and is spread by mosquitoes.
Teen Faces Life Term For Selling Pot BrowniesA Central Texas teenager charged with selling brownies laced with marijuana and hash oil is facing a punishment that could include life in prison.
DNA Links Former Garland Resident To 1980 MurderInvestigators say DNA evidence in a 1980 Central Texas killing led them to a former Garland resident. The Williamson County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday announced the arrest of 53-year-old Steven Alan Thomas.
Formal Investigation Possible For Ex-Texas ProsecutorMichael Morton was freed last fall after DNA tests implicated someone else in the 1986 murder of his wife Christine. Now the man who prosecuted the case could face an investigation.
Two Arrested In Murder Of Bedford TeenagerThe body of Tynesia Brown was dumped near Jarrell last month.
Did Texas County Spend $5M On Donuts?