Team Dallas Metro Headed To National Football FinalsIn Texas, we all know youth football is a big deal. Next week a Texas team is headed to the national finals in Florida. JD Ryan is Around Town.
Equipment Stolen From North Dallas Football TeamA North Dallas football team was celebrating its regional championship win this weekend in San Antonio when thieves broke into the team's van and stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment.
Youth Coaches Learn Football Safety At Valley RanchYouth football leagues training ‘safety coaches‘ to combat concussions
Study: Concussions Less Prevalent In Young PlayersA new study shows that the youngest football players are less likely to suffer concussions. Researchers also found that the behavior of coaches has a direct correlation on the number of injuries.
More Study Urged On Concussions In Young AthletesA new report says too little is known about concussion risks for young athletes, and it's not clear whether better headgear is an answer.
Obama Sparks New Debate Over Football SafetyRecent talk about the dangers on the football field have many parents questioning whether their kids should play, including the President of the United States.
NFL, NCAA Urge States To Pass Concussion LawsThat law requires that a player who shows signs of a concussion be removed from a game or practice, and bars the player from competing again until being cleared by a licensed health care professional.
Parents Scrum Over Tackling In Youth FootballWeighing in at 54 pounds, Adam Henderson, Jr. is the newest player for the West Side Mighty Cowboys. “I get to run the ball." This 7-year-old may be small, but his father's ready to put him on the field.