A controversy involving Bibles and Costco has the Internet fired up.

Costco put Bibles in the fiction section and a pastor’s tweet about it has stirred up an online debate.

It happened at a Costco in Simi Valley, California.

Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach made the discovery when he visited the store last week — and posted a picture to twitter — showing the Bible tagged with a fiction sticker and a 14.99 price.

Costco said the mistake happened with a small number of bibles and has apologized for it.


A Kansas City couple has gone viral–for their plan to stimulate their kids’ imaginations.

They call it Di-November — and they have spent this month trying to convince their kids that their toy plastic dinosaurs come to life at night.

Refe and Susan Tuma set up the plastic dinosaurs while the kids are in bed.

They take pictures and share them with their two daughters.

They also posted the pictures of the toy dinos — in every room of the house — in all kinds of situations — online.

The parents say they will keep it up as long as their kids remain excited about it.

Other parents across the country are joining in on the fun and posting pics to the Di-November Facebook page – which has almost 250 thousand likes.


Babies are named after athletes all the time, but there’s a twist to a new story out of Green Bay.

A newborn in Green Bay shares the same name with the biggest sports star in town — and the same injury.

Eight-pound Aaron Roger Dryer was born on Sunday — game day — with a broken left collarbone.

His parents hadn’t come up with a name for him yet — and since the Packers star QB also has a broken left collarbone right now — they thought it was a perfect fit.

Doctors say it not uncommon for babies to be born with a broken collarbone — and little Aaron should be just fine.

SportsCenter tweeted about this story:

You’ll notice his parents dropped the “s” because they thought Rodger made a better middle name than Rodgers.