Music makes the heart beat. And if you love music, you will be more than pumped when you read this great list of the best ways to discover new music in Dallas/Fort Worth. Music expert Montanna Mitchem gave some great suggestions for record stores, venues and online sources. So get turned up and tune into these great suggestions.
Montanna Mitchem
Tha AfterParty Internet Radio Station
1111 W. Ledbetter Road, Suite 450
Dallas, TX 75224
(214) 531-3301
www.thaafterparty.comMontanna Mitchem is the founder and creative director of a local internet radio station. She uses her station’s platform as an avenue to spread community awareness, involvement, entertainment and empowerment to her listeners and followers. She started out as an internet radio host to talk about the issues that she faced on a day-to-day basis. Now as the owner of her own station, she strives to provide on-air content to her listeners. Mitchem also supports local artists by playing their music and interviewing them. Mitchem has taken the steps to solidify her place in media as an event host, moderator and blogger for other media outlets.

All Star MagazineMagazines have always been the go to place for what’s great and happening in entertainment and music. That’s why All Star Magazine is one of the best sources for discovering the latest in news, music, lifestyle and much more. All Star Magazine was started in 2012 and has since then continued to set the standard via its online magazine with a branch in Dallas/Fort Worth. Mitchem stated that this is the first place she goes when she wants to know about celebrities.

Josey RecordsJosey Records is one of the best places for new music in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Not only can you get some of the best new music, you can also purchase some of your old favorites that are available on vinyl, CDs and even tapes. Need a place to listen to your music? Then head on over to the album player section to test out your purchase, or you can check out Josey’s calendar for live performances from local bands or DJs in one of their two live performance sections.

Granada TheaterThe Granada Theater is one of the most popular places for music lovers to go. People literally hang out all day and night just to get tickets to events being held at the Granada. That’s why it’s on Mitchem’s list. “If I ever want to know what concerts are coming to Dallas and what people I might need to interview, then this is the place I start with. Granada has been one of Dallas’s staples and continues to bring good music to Dallas on a local and national scale.

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Good RecordsGood Records is another hidden gem in Dallas, and it has more music and live performances than Deep Ellum can handle. Live performances are often sold out, but if you love finding new music from local or independent artists, Good Records is one of the best places to start your search. You can enjoy a free concert and buy some great vinyl records on the way out the door.

Tha AfterParty Internet Radio StationTha AfterParty radio station hosts nothing but the best in talk radio and music from all genres. Tha AfterParty radio station has 20 plus radio show hosts who broadcast live every day via the station’s dual networking system called the A Side, which is geared more towards faith and family and the B Side, which is unfiltered. has listeners from across the world and is constantly growing. You can listen to any show via its app available on Google App Store.

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