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(Photo credit PIERRE VERDY/AFP/GettyImages)

Interior decorating can be one of the many unique ways that you are able to fuse your style and personality into your home, however for some, this task ends up being overwhelmingly exhausting and at times expensive. Eight-year design veteran and expert interior designer Martita Jara empathizes with those who welcome the decorating challenge and offers her tips and suggestions on how to essentially design on a dime. From mapping out an elaborative plan to mastering consignment shopping, interior decorating has never been more simple or budget-friendly. Read on for more easy-to-apply tips from Jara and how you can incorporate these into your next home design project.

Martita Jara
Design Consultant and Latin Food Specialist
Dallas, TX
www.martitajara.comCelebrity chef and design consultant Martita Jara is more than just a jack of all trades. The Southern California native who now resides in Dallas may be well known for her appearances on Food Network and now OWN’s “Home Made Simple!,” but she is also an avid expert in interior decoration. When she’s not whipping up fabulous Latin creations in the kitchen, Jara spends a chunk of her time consulting and creating aesthetically alluring home décor for her private and often high-profile clientele. From local consignment shop finds to simple color palettes—Martita Jara has all of the tips you will need to design on a dime.

Have A Plan For Your Design SchemeBefore purchasing any items for your home, have a plan and know what your overall design scheme will be for your home or your space. Having a solid plan will allow you to buy pieces separately and have a much better end result. So if you end up buying a rug today, a table next month and a sofa next week, your plan will map out specifically the pieces you need to give you the look that you want.

Pick A Color Palette of Three to Four ColorsTake your time and pick out a color palette between three to four colors and carry these colors throughout your home. Choosing a simple color palette will create a nice flow and movement throughout the home from space to space. For example, if your color palette is navy, cream and gold; navy could be the dominate color in the family room, gold would dominate in the dining room and cream could dominate in the kitchen. Throughout each space, however, all colors will be present.

Use Neutrals As Your Backdrop and Add An Accent ColorIt’s completely understandable that for do-it-yourself interior decorators, it can be overwhelming to commit to certain colors, especially the three- to four-palette rule as discussed above. If you have a hard time committing to color, use neutrals as your backdrop and then accent in a color. So maybe your walls, floors, sofa, chairs and stone are colored in a great neutral tone and then you bring in pops of color with accent pillows, a rug, vase, bowl and maybe some great art. This way, when you get tired of the color red for example, you can just change out a few accessories and create a whole new look.

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Check Out Your Local Consignment ShopsWhen shopping for home décor on a budget, the key is not only patience and having a solid plan, but knowing where to get fabulous pieces for less. Make a list, do some research and check out your local consignment shops, secondhand stores or garage and estate sales. You can find some unique pieces at these places that are as good as new or maybe a great piece that just needs a little love, sanding, painting, polishing and it can be better than new. Never underestimate the power of thrifting or consignment shopping—it’s the key to great home décor for those on a budget.

Create Drama In Your SpaceHave fun and stir up a little drama in your space. Every space needs a little something that gives it that wow factor. While shopping at a local consignment shop or thrifting, search for a great piece of art, a fabulous chandelier or a vibrant animal print to create drama in your home (in the decorative sense). It can be so exciting. If you want to lean more towards the adventurous side, then try all of the accent pieces in your home all at the same time. Select a piece that is going to set the tone for the room, whether you are going for an understated look or a dramatic look—and let your creative juices flow from there.

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