(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Making waves like never before are braided hairstyles–from classically braided updos to long and wavy French braids draped to the side. Seen in different variations at area music and outdoor festivals as well as weddings, mastering the art of the unconventional braid is attainable. Awarded as one of the best in the big “D” for blowout salons and also notorious for pop-up braid bars in Dallas, Pouf Blowout’s resident hairstylist Cheryl Rinker-Martinez offers three easy and popular braided hairstyles to help you achieve hair’s hottest trends in less than an hour.
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Cheryl Rinker-Martinez has been in the hair business since 2002. A passionate and creative hairstylist, Rinker-Martinez has boosted her portfolio to include styling for weddings, fashion shows and most importantly private clientele. Proudly proclaiming a love for the artistry of hair, Cheryl Rinker-Martinez found her home at Pouf Blowout in August 2013 and continues to provide stellar customer service to the salon’s growing list of customers. With all the rage being about braids these days, Rinker-Martinez offers three easy braided hairstyles to help diversify your style.

Mix-Up Braids

A blended mix of three braided hairstyles into one, Rinker-Martinez explains that this style is highly requested at Pouf Blowout and takes less than half an hour to complete. The end result is a combination that begins with a waterfall braid merging into a French braid that ends with a fishtail braid to the side. This look can be perfect for everyday or transitioned into a night out on the town with the perfect outfit. Get this look by French braiding a 4-inch section of hair on the left side and braid down until you reach just above the middle of your head. With the remaining hair on the right side, begin a waterfall braid that goes across the back of your head to meet the left-sided French braid by beginning a French braid on the right side. When braiding and crossing over the hair from the right side, leave a small section of hair hanging each time. Keep braiding and repeating this technique to create the waterfall effect. Once the French braid on the left meets the waterfall braid from the right, combine the two braids until you reach right below your ear. At this point, begin the fishtail braid by dividing the remaining hair into two sections and crossing over small pieces of hair from one side to the other. Keep braiding all the way down or, once completed, twist into a bun.

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Messy Braided Updo

According to Rinker-Martinez, the messy braided updo is one of the go-to signature looks for brides this year. A unique combination of sophistication and boho-chic, this hairstyle takes 45 minutes to complete and is perfect for the modern bride. Begin by teasing the hair all over to create a substantial amount of volume for the hair. The more volume, the better. After teasing the hair, swoop the hair to one side and divide the hair into two sections. Begin by braiding with each section from the outside going in. You can either achieve this look by braiding with a two-stranded braid to the side or in the fishtail braid as outlined above. Keep in mind that the messy look is obtained based upon how much teasing and volume is created at the onset.

Grecian Crown Braid

Noted by Pouf Blowout and Rinker-Martinez as one of the most requested hairstyles, the Grecian crown braid is for the girl on the go. This style takes 30 minutes to create and is commonly seen at outdoor festivals or functions that combine boho style and comfort. Ideally the hair should be medium to long length in order to successfully achieve this style and can be adorned with hair accessories or fresh flowers. Beginning at either ear, French braid the hair over your forehead following the hairline. Continue this action by French braiding across the hairline until no more hair remains and secure with a bobby pin or clip. This braid is a showstopper and will classically upgrade your outfit—leaving you ready to bask in the sun at one of DFW’s hottest festivals.

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