Bedrooms are a place to escape the hectic everyday life and a place of silence. It expresses your personality and with simple ideas, it can turn into a beautiful relaxing retreat. Since we spend 30 percent of our lives sleeping, it stands to reason that one would make the best investment in creating a room that is comfortable and beautiful.
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(Courtesy of Bernadette Schaeffler)

Bernadette Schaeffler
Bernadette Schaeffler Collection
Dallas Design District
1616 Hi Line Drive, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75207
(214) 749-0816

Bernadette Schaeffler spent her youth traveling across Europe with her father, owner of Germany’s first high-end shoe distributor.  Her passion for color and design grew as she visited leather manufacturers in Italy – Ferragamo, Bruno Mali, Sergio Rossi and Bally.  She learned the nuances of construction and quality, which she used to create the leather sofa line of her business – Bernadette Schaeffer Collection. Schaeffler mixes “’Old World’ traditional design with modern simplicity.” Schaeffler offers expert tips to help you create a comfortable and beautiful bedroom within your budget.

Remove Electronics
“Before you start, take all electronics like TV, phone, iPad, etc. out. They have no reason to be in your bedroom. It will improve your sleep. I promise you will fall asleep faster and improve your sleep.”
Invest In A Good Mattress And Create A Striking Headboard

“The only and most important ‘investment’ in the bedroom is the mattress. Spend your money wisely to make sure you get best mattress. To make your bed comfy, top it with soft covers so you can snuggle. Choose fabrics that match the tones of walls; layering bedding accessories is easy to do. Position the bed against the larger wall visually increases the room size. One of the easiest ways to dress up your bedroom is to design a sophisticated headboard. Hanging wood shims, old shutters or doors, upholstered panels or iron gates can make your bed very pretty and set a statement. Hanging photos salon style can make an interesting headboard.”
Replace Carpet
“Replace the carpet in the bedroom as this is the source for germs and bacteria that can influence your sleep as well. If you have concrete floors, just stain them in the colors matching the design or lay out cheap plywood and stain it. Add a yellow rug to bring the sunshine in.”

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Paint Walls And Use Color-Matching Fabrics For Curtains 

“Paint the walls in a variety of soothing colors, tones and textures that make your stressful day seem less overwhelming. I suggest green as it symbolizes nature. It is calming and refreshing. You could easily combine related green shapes like in nature and add a touch of blue to create a spa-like design. Get a fabric for curtains that match with the colors and your theme as they bring softness and sophistication to your decor. Use fabrics that block the light from coming into the room in order to sleep well. Use shades to get privacy.”

Create An Inexpensive Nightstand
“A great and cheap idea to create a nightstand is to stack books, magazines or old suitcases. If you like to add color, paint them. Another fun way to create inexpensive nightstands is to use old ladders. Do not be afraid of mix and match unlike pieces.”
Add Lighting And Make A Statement 

“Choose soft lighting for your bedroom. I like the idea to transform an old, big wine bottle into a lamp. In general, you can take any object of your choice to turn it into a lamp. If you have enough space, I would add two things to make a statement. Use a made-over dresser (garage sale) and mirror (hang a mirror and paint the frame to the wall for example) to have a glamorous focal point and a corner seat to have a resting spot other than the bed.”

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