(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

DIY holiday gifts can shine even brighter than the store-bought kind when they are personal and unique. One does not need to be a professional artist to achieve a great holiday DIY gift either. With a little creativity and some hands-on ideas, do it yourself can be an easy way to knock out items on your gift wishlist. Here are some easy ideas on how to do so by Meridith Bathgate of Incorrigible Dames.

Meridith Bathgate
Incorrigible Dames
www.incorrigibledames.comMeridith Bathgate is the blue-haired wonder behind Incorrigible Dames, known for her eye-catching style and DIY expertise in creating decorative fascinators, decorations, hats, jewelry, accessories and other custom pieces. Her unique, one-of-a-kind creations are sold at Dallas Pinup and also through her website. She has a following on Pinterest as well.

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Homemade CoastersThere can never be enough coasters in a house, especially if you enjoy home décor and tend to change your home season by season. With a limitless supply of color and texture, knitting your own coasters or potholders opens gift-giving possibilities endlessly. If you are not a great knitter, you can even weave your own potholders using a homemade loom using cardboard and string. Weave the yarn back and forth over the strings until your coaster is complete.

Etched Personalized GlassesThis is easier than it sounds. Local craft stores like Cotton and Oil carry kits for easy glass cutting and etching. Almost any glass bottle will do. Most of the time all you need is the bottle, etcher, candles, ice and creative flow. Adding mosaic to the glass for decorative items (non-consumable items) is another quick and unique fix.

Painted Personalized GlassesIf you are wary of etching your own glasses, painting them is another fun and festive option, giving the bearer of gifts the power to personalize their wares. Keep in mind that the type of paint you use should be one that is not harmful if ingested or be sure to mention which glasses are for decoration only. The same idea can be used for flower vases.

Personalized Cocktail KitsMost of us know which drinks our friends order as their regular drink, so why not make them their own personalized cocktail kit? Pair the appropriate glassware and ingredients in an eye-pleasing box or container for a gift your friend will want to toast you with.

Cake Stand/Serving PlatterDecorative plates are not hard to come by. With a little ingenuity, one can use this simple trick to create a beautiful cake stand or serving platter. Just add a candle to the middle of the plate and some pretty adornments and you are ready to serve something your friends and family will appreciate.

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