Before we went gaga for frozen yogurt and cupcakes, there was boba. This Asian-inspired drink comes in a variety of flavors and is packed with chewy, mouth-watering tapioca pearls. Choose from a refreshing, fruity drink or a delicious hot milky tea—the combinations are endless. Here are a few of our favorite spots for bubble tea.

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If you like your tapioca pearls perfectly chewy, not sticky, and you want a variety of teas to choose from, Fat Straws is the place. The jasmine green tea, taro and Vietnamese frappe are favorites but try their Mandarin silk oolong and passion fruit jasmine. They also have smoothies and desserts, so those with a sweet tooth can indulge with their tea fiend friends. More than just a tea-and-dessert place, though, Fat Straws also feature live acoustic and jazz music, so keep an eye out for performances, and you might just discover your next favorite local musician.

(credit: Fruitealicious website)

For folks craving some good bubble tea on the go, Fruitealicious is the perfect place to order up your boba in whatever manner floats your boat: Thai Tea, Almond Milk Tea, or the cold purple goodness known as Taro Slush. If you would like some non-boba add-ons, you can also ask for fruit bits or jelly. But try the Raspberry Green Tea with Strawberry popping bubbles… yum.


With dozens of combinations of teas and coffees available, it’s hard to pick from the menu. Our favorites? The refreshing cantaloupe and the delicious Mocha Madness. The cold almond milk tea is also a must-try, and the tapioca boba pearls have just the right consistency—they’re soft but still chewy (plus the friendly service doesn’t skimp at all: our wide straw was practically clogged with boba!).

(credit: Boba Latte Facebook page)

Want a cool, refreshing drink? Try a Bobba Latte strawberry slushie boba, or Miss Julie’s Special–a mango slush with mini pearls and juicy grapefruit pulp. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try a durian smoothie. Durian is known for its not-particularly-pleasant smell, but in this smoothie? Delish. They say Boba Latte sells “sunshine in a cup” and we might just have to agree.

What are your favorite spots for bubble tea? Share your recommendations in the comments section below.