(Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

(Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

During the holiday season the question often looms as to what gifts one can give that will outshine the prior year. Often times, the dread and anxiety of gift giving can take away from the joy and merriment that the holiday season is expected to bring. Fortunately, the DFW metroplex hosts a wealth of local artists whose abundance in talent is plentiful and sure to provide unique gift ideas for the weary at heart. Fear no more, you have the best DFW artists at your fingertips.
Jerod Davies 
(214) 646-5255

DFW artist Jerod Davies is among the local elite when it comes to visual artistry. Davies has created customized paintings for both private and celebrity clientele and is sought out regularly for his distinct and exquisite designs. Also beloved on a national level for his eclectic body-painting capabilities, Davies is indisputably one of the best artists DFW has to offer. Merging vibrant color combinations and abstract methodologies is just one of Davies’ talents. For a statement piece of art that will be both a conversation starter and an enhancement to any room, a Jerod Davies composition is certainly the way to go.

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[Red-i] By Chelsea
(online ordering only)

Inspired by the destinations of her worldwide travel, Dallas jewelry designer Chelsea Bond blends international style with her visionary brilliance to distinguish her jewelry collection from others in similar markets. Unique to Bond’s company, [Red-i] By Chelsea, are her coveted barefoot jewelry creations fashioned from crystals, rhinestones, jewels and rare stones. Multi-faceted in colors and style, [Red-i] By Chelsea reveals innovative and chic ways to embellish your feet. Let [Red-i] By Chelsea whisk you away to a land unknown and deliver the gift of international flair to either you or someone you know this holiday season.

Haute Hats
(Sold at Rich Taste Clothiers)
6009 W. Parker Road, Suite 101
Plano, TX 75093
(214) 995-5631

Haute Hats owner Kim Scott recognizes the importance of the accessory to every individual’s wardrobe. With a knack for class and sophistication, Scott has created an empire with respect to the ultimate essential in terms of head wear accessories. Taking ordinary hats and transforming them into stylish designer pieces, Haute Hats has capitalized on a market few designers in the DFW metroplex have explored. All hats are custom designed and developed based on the customer’s specifications. Whether you are attracted to a feathered fedora or a bedazzled trucker-styled cap, Haute Hats is a unique holiday gift to give to either yourself or to your stylish friend or loved one this holiday season.
David Rodriguez
(972) 743-3105

David Rodriguez is truly an artistic genius and undoubtedly a gem in the city of Dallas. Known for creating stunning masterpieces based on his interpretation of a phrase, song or dance, Rodriguez is most assuredly one of the top artists in the DFW area. If you’re pressed for time but wanting to gift a piece of quality art, Rodriguez produced a stellar work of art in less than six minutes at the Artist vs. Architect event held in Dallas in November. Casually share your thoughts with this dynamic artist and be amazed at how he effortlessly transforms your idea onto canvas. Starting at $200 for a portfolio piece (24 by 24 inches), a gift from the David Rodriguez collection is definitely worth purchasing for the holidays.

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Samax Amen

Acclaimed as one of the best illustrators in Dallas, Samax Amen can create life-like illustrations with natural ease. With a portfolio that spans from acrylic paintings to comic-styled art, this DFW emerging artist is undeniably talented at his craft. Browse Amen’s online store for unique ready-made illustrations available on T-shirts, coffee mugs or canvases. Samax Amen’s artwork is a perfect gift for the comic book enthusiast in your family as Amen can customize detailed comic drawings upon request. Be unconventional this holiday season and consider purchasing a Samax Amen illustration — the quality and originality of this gift will be unsurpassed.

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