Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day, and there is always a lot to choose from. In the DFW area, there are plenty of places to eat a great breakfast, whether a person is looking for pancakes, bacon and eggs, or even a great steak and egg breakfast. There are also a lot of restaurants to choose from that have some of the best omelets a person could find. If that is what you’re craving for breakfast, here is a look at the best omelets in the DFW area.
Kozy Kitchen
4433 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 219-5044

The Kozy Kitchen is a great DFW breakfast destination for those who like organic food in their diets. Even if the word organic isn’t in your vocabulary, there is still a great number of reasons to give the Kozy Kitchen a try. For people suffering from a long night, the Kozy Kitchen offers the Hangover Special, which includes buffalo, mushrooms and spinach with eggs, guacamole and salsa. As for their omelet options, they have The Beast, which is a four-egg omelet with beef, asparagus, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, and raw cheese. That is just one of six different omelet choices on the menu.

4800 Belt Line Road
Dallas, TX 75254
(972) 490-0500

Benedict’s is located in Addison and is a very interesting little restaurant with a strong 1970s vibe. Benedict’s offers some of the best omelets you will find in the DFW area and actually have 12 different options. They also have seven different varieties of eggs Benedict for a side dish. However, getting back to the omelets, there is something there for everyone. There is something unique, such as the Bistro, which has goat cheese, smoked salmon, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber, chives, and herbs. For people not so daring, there are veggie options, ham and swiss omelets, and much more.

Bill Smith’s Cafe
1500 W University Dr
Mckinney, TX 75069
(972) 542-5331

While there are a ton of new restaurants in McKinney’s to choose from, Bill Smith’s Cafe remains open and standing, withstanding all the new flavors of the month. This is McKinney’s oldest restaurant, opened by Bill Smith in 1956 and then run by his children and grandchildren, a true DFW restaurant destination. Bill Smith’s has developed a reputation over the years of making all their food from scratch, and that includes the breakfast offerings of waffles. omelets, toast, and Bill’s Hash Brown Supreme.

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Lucky’s Cafe
3531 Oak Lawn Ave
Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 522-3500

Lucky’s Cafe is located in Oak Lawn and has been a DFW staple for years. This is a throwback diner, one that still cares about serving the down south food that people have loved for years. This includes everything from chicken fried steak to biscuits and gravy, and all with ice tea. They also have a great breakfast offering. Lucky’s Cafe knows that you know how you like your omelet better than anyone. Because of this, they don’t have fancy omelets that only acquired tastes will eat. Instead, Lucky’s Cafe offers the Build Your Own Omelet deal, and then serves it with biscuits or toast and country potatoes or grits.

Paris Coffee Shop
704 W Magnolia Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76104
(817) 335-2041

The Paris Cafe Shop is a legendary Fort Worth restaurant and was even listed by the New York Times as the most enjoyable place to eat in the DFW area. The restaurant has been open since the Depression era and offers everything from cheese grits to green tea. Known as the historic Fort Worth “Watering Hole,” the Paris Cafe Shop offers six different types of omelets, and they are all pretty easy to understand. They have the plain, Denver, Greek, Vegetable, Chesse or Smoked Sausage, and Ham, Sausage or Bacon omelets and offer extra items for just a mimimal charge.

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