Drinking is always better on a patio. I’m not sure why, but beer taste better, vodka goes down smoother and that glass of white wine has never sounded more appetizing. Maybe it’s the Texas heat, or maybe it’s the people watching. Whatever it is, when you’re out drinking morning, noon or night (okay, maybe not morning), we’ve got you covered with your list of the Best Patio Bars in Fort Worth.

The Chat Room
1263 W Magnolia Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76104
(817) 922-8319

Photo credit: MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/Getty Images

In the midst of the will they/won’t they debate over banning smoking in Fort Worth or statewide, lies a little bar called The Chat Room. The Chat Room has Pac Man, pool, a jukebox, cheap drinks and, above all, a patio where you can get a breath of fresh air. One of the best things about a patio is the feeling that you could just stay there all day – and with the drink prices, free Internet and interesting crowd watching – you really can.

8.0 Bar
111 East 3rd Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102-4003
(817) 336-0880

Photo Credit: 8.0 Bar

Look. We wanted to be that list that didn’t put 8.0s in the top patio bars list. But it’s just not happening. It’s almost always packed, but if you get there at a good time (maybe 8 am on a Sunday?), you’ll find a prime seat. If you’re not drinking that early (and why not?) the patio is still an excellent choice for catching some live music and dancing the night away.

Fred’s Texas Cafe
915 Currie St
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 332-0083

Photo Credit: Fred’s Texas Café

When the weather gets hot, wise bar-goers head for cover. At Fred’s Texas Cafe, a deliciously dive-y bar, that covered bar comes complete with live music, epic chicken-fried steak and beer in frozen mugs. July in Texas never felt so good.

Lola’s Saloon
2736 W 6th St
Fort Worth, TX 76122
(817) 877-0666

Photo Credit: Lola’s Saloon

Want to know another awesome things about patios? They give you a break from the noise and music of the inside bar. You can actually hold a conversation, there’s not a massive line for drinks, and you can just take a breath. At Lola’s Saloon, that’s just what the outdoor patio has to offer: great drinks, awesome atmosphere, and just a hint of the madness that’s going on inside.

Houston St. Bar & Patio
902 Houston St
Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 877-4727

Photo credit: Chris Furlong/Getty Images

The bar at Houston St. takes you above it all, with an upstairs patio boasting a big screen TV and plenty of people watching on the outskirts of Sundance Square. The plentiful TVs screen sports, UFC fights and movies, and better yet? Happy hour takes beer prices down to just $2 a bottle.

Alyssa Gardina is a nightlife blogger and local music aficionado currently residing in East Dallas. She writes for a local happy hour website and her personal blog, and can frequently be found tweeting about her favorite bars and bands.