(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Now more than ever, DFW is being driven dramatically by heavy influences in fashion and style. Already one of the top regional contenders in the fashion industry, DFW has personal stylists and shoppers who are dedicated to staying on top of the trend and to assisting you in maximizing your best outward appearance. Not only will these stylists upgrade your wardrobe; the personalized and individualized attention that you will receive is an instant self-esteem and image booster. Contact one of these top styling companies today and make the streets of DFW your own personal runway.

Elaine Stoltz Image Consulting
2800 S. Hulen St., Suite 105
Fort Worth, TX 76109
(817) 924-8300

Beautiful. Style. Effortless. These are the three words that DFW’s top image consulting company, Elaine Stoltz Image Consulting, has used to describe the inner transformation that will occur if you utilize its services. A 20-year veteran in the fashion, beauty and image consulting industry, Stoltz Image Consulting has proven to be an expert in the field. With a little time and the right guidance, your self-image and personal style can be developed significantly into what you have always dreamed it could be. From the perfect lipstick selection to a personal color analysis, Stoltz Image Consulting is in a league of its own. Quoting that the Stoltz Image Consulting experience is like TLC’s “What Not To Wear” without the harsh criticism and quirky one-liners, this superior company will have you transformed from drab to fab in no time.

Diamond Icon Image and Styling Consultants
Dallas, TX
(972) 730-0900

Who knew that being a certified elite personal shopper even existed? Well for inquiring minds, it does exist. Diamond Icon Image and Styling Consultants provides elite and exceptional styling services, and that is only a fraction of what this company does. Noted by several industry insiders as the best in image consulting, Diamond Icon not only takes an assessment of each client’s exterior but also realizes that an overall internal change of how one views his or herself is essential to being most effective in changing personal image. Diamond Icon provides overall services in closet reorganization, wardrobe consultations, style analysis, personal shopping and professional styling services to both DFW and Houston residents. For a luxury styling experience at a fraction of the price, contact Diamond Icon today.

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Michael Rodriguez – Stylist and Image Consultant
Dallas, TX
(972) 854-2455

Impeccable style and grace seems to be the most appropriate words to describe personal stylist Michael Rodriguez. He is literally the walking Dallas billboard for GQ. Offering first-class services in personal shopping, image consultations and closet audits, Michael Rodriguez is confident that his expertise in fashion will escalate your confidence to the next level. Each client will receive personal one-on-one attention with Rodriguez and a personalized individual assessment based on personality, style and character traits, all in all ensuring the best in personal styling services.

Ciao Bella Consulting
Dallas, TX
(817) 905-5542

Affordable and accessible, Ciao Bella Consulting offers exceptional personal styling and image consulting services for all of Dallas and the North Texas region. A company created by two local fashionistas, Amanda and Lacy, Ciao Bella Consulting takes extreme pride in giving Dallas residents the exclusive and customized shopping experience that they crave. Services can range from creation of individualized lookbooks to personal shopping experiences—all of which are offered at an ultra budget-friendly price. Clients of Ciao Bella Consulting rave about the quality of service that they have received in that it has exceeded any other in upgrading both their confidence and outward appearance. If this is what you are looking for, then look no further. Contact Ciao Bella Consulting today.

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