(Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

(Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

The outcome of ear piercing, while favorable and stylish, is often overshadowed by fear of whether the piercing will be painful, sterile and easy to maintain. Fortunately for DFW residents, there are several establishments that are well-regarded as being the best locally for their customer service, technique and attention to detail when it comes to ear piercings. These are the best places for piercings near you.

La Lobe Piercing Salon
8306 Kate St., Suite 2
Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 691-1359

Just as the name indicates, La Lobe is reputable in the DFW community for being one of the best locations in the area for piercing your ear lobes. La Lobe uses a virtually painless hand procedure for ear piercings rather than the unreliable and old-fashioned method of using a piercing gun. In addition to ranking low on the pain scale, La Lobe is also beloved in the community for being sterile and going to great lengths to ensure that its customers are provided with the proper maintenance tips to keep their piercings free from infection. Most notably, La Lobe specializes in baby piercings and recommends piercing your little one’s ears between three weeks to three months old. For those aged 18 years and younger, a guardian must be present, and both the minor and guardian must show a valid picture ID, a birth certificate for the minor, or a family insurance card with both the guardian and minor listed.

Stainless Studios

1902 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 515-0853

Located in the heart of the Lower Greenville district of Dallas, Stainless Studios hails as one of the top establishments in the area for both body piercings and tattoos. Appealing to the more artistic crowd that normally surfaces around this area, Stainless Studios employs award-winning artists and piercers as part of its claim to fame. In existence since 2009, Stainless Studios offers a wide variety of ear piercing specialties and boasts that no piercing is too eccentric for this highly acclaimed company. The professionals at Stainless Studio do not offer baby piercings. For all other approved customers, proper education will be rendered prior to and following the ear piercing procedure to ensure the most valuable piercing experience. For those aged 18 years and younger, parental consent must be given. A valid ID is required for both the minor and the parent along with the birth certificate for the minor. School IDs are not accepted as a valid IDs for minors. A parent must be present and view the entire ear piercing procedure as it takes place.

Obscurities Tattoo & Piercing
4008 Cedar Springs Road
Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 559-3706

In business since 1992, Obscurities Tattoo & Piercing is undoubtedly one of the cleanest tattoo and piercing facilities in the DFW metroplex. All piercing and tattoo artists are highly trained with respect to sterilization and preventative measures for avoiding infections. For each piercing procedure, Obscurities uses new tools and promptly discards these tools after each use — just another precautious measure used by this business to safeguard against infections. As far as ear piercing jewelry is concerned, Obscurities offers a distinct combination of organic materials to 18 karat solid gold options to fit its customer’s specifications.

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Randy Adams Tattoo Studio & Body Piercing
6467 E. Lancaster Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76112
(817) 446-0272

If you are looking for comfort and just plain good Southern hospitality, swing on by Randy Adams Tattoo Studio & Body Piercing in Fort Worth. Just shy of highway 820, this establishment is beloved in the community for its friendly atmosphere and attention to detail. Unlike other DFW piercing studios, Randy Adams requires that minors be at least 14 years of age to receive a piercing. Minors must be accompanied by a parent and have both a picture ID and birth certificate. Despite the strict piercing requirements, past customers rave about the piercings, staff and studio here.

Epic Tattoos
6627 N. Beach St.
Fort Worth, TX 76137
(817) 306-8500

From affordable prices to friendly faces, Epic Tattoos is a no brainer when it comes to finding the best places in DFW for ear piercings. Already ranked high in the area of tattoo artistry, Epic Tattoos has also established a remarkable reputation in the area of body piercings. Professionalism comes first with this business as piercers provide thorough instructions on the aftercare of ear piercings and ways to avoid infection. Another DFW piercing facility known for its cleanliness, Epic Tattoos is a must for anyone in the Fort Worth vicinity searching for a clean and pleasant place to get his or her ears pierced.

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