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DFW has started cinching its belt, becoming a mecca of fitness in Texas. Yoga and Pilates classes are offered all over both Dallas and Fort Worth, making gear a necessity for practitioners. While many buy online, it is hard to be sure of the quality and fit without being able to stretch the cloth, run fingers across it or even try out a piece of equipment. Whether looking for clothes that truly fit and breathe, or the ideal equipment for your fitness level, these yoga and Pilates stores can help you on your path to bodily enlightenment.

Yoga Mart
6039 Oram St.
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 534-4469
www.yogamartusa.comMarj Rash is a yoga enthusiast and clothing designer with 20 years experience developed her own style of clothing and props for yoga lovers in Dallas. Through client requests and suggestions she brought her own unique perspective to yoga equipment and clothing. An avid yoga practitioner, Marj understands the need for flexibility, comfort and style which is evident in her designs, and color schemes. Her products are available at Yoga Mart, including a basic package, custom-made for beginners which includes a bolster, non-skid mat, silk eye bag scented with lavender, 1 6′ strap, two solid wood blocks and five Mexican style blankets in a variety of colors.

Dallas Yoga Center
4525 Lemmon Avenue, Ste. 305
Dallas, TX 75219
(21i4) 443-9642
www.dallasyogacenter.comThe Dallas Yoga Center knows that there is no one size fits all for practitioners of yoga. From pre-natal yoga gear to a rainbow array of yoga music, the products available at this store represent variety. The selection includes mats, mat bags, Mexican blankets, blocks, belts, bolsters, sandbags, blankets, books and clothes that move with the body instead of restricting it. The Dallas Yoga Center even boasts jewelry made by local artisans to dress up that yoga gear before or after an enjoyable and relaxing class.

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Lululemon Athletica
1540 S. University Dr. #110
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 882-8075
shop.lululemon.com/home.jspWith both an excellent online selection and storefront in Fort Worth, Lululemon is stocked full of products beyond the simple yoga pant, including specialty sports undergarments, sports skirts, in women’s wear, and an equally impressive selection of men’s wear from shorts to jackets and even Amphipod Hydration belts. Fun and colorful patterns make personalizing your fitness wardrobe easy from head to toe for yoga and a variety of other fitness practices.

Bikram Yoga of Fort Worth
921 Foch St.
Fort Worth,Texas 76107
(817) 335-9642
www.bikramfortworth.comBikram Yoga is a unique studio with hot Hatha yoga in addition to many other styles. Because the studio gets heated to 105 degrees, flexible, cool clothes are not recommended but required. With name brands available that are functional and fantastic to look at, the boutique at Bikram Yoga is worth a look between classes.

The Body Garage
2112 Mistletoe Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76110
(817) 207-9800
www.thebodygaragepilates.comThe Body Garage boasts a full stock of Pilates equipment to strengthen the core of its participants. After experiencing the rigor and satisfaction of Pilates class with one of the four instructors, students of this technique can peruse The Body Garage’s Pilates balls, chairs, ladder barrels, mats, props, foot correctors and Cadillacs (or Trapeze Tables). Also find gadgets and equipment developed by Joseph Pilates for the health and benefit of all.

Pilates Unlimited
6434 E Mockingbird Lane, Suite 210
Dallas, Texas 75214
(214) 553-8771
www.pilatesunlimited.comThis site specializes in Pilates group and private classes, but does offer some Pilates merchandise including DVDs, CDs and manuals for both beginner Pilates students and instructors-in-training. Complimenting the knowledge and techniques learned in class, these materials will solidify the body and mind. DVDs work on fundamentals, reformer basics and starting up from the beginning.

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