Making a list and checking it twice? Don’t forget to include your loving pet on your holiday shopping agenda. No gift cards and vouchers are necessary for these furry friends; they need something tangible and delightful that will make them joyfully jump and shower you with affection. They need treats, eats and cozy places to sleep, like the gifts found at these special pet gift shops.
Three Dog Bakery
3960 West Parker Road, Suite 228
Plano, TX 75093
(972) 473-2275
www.threedogdfw.comAt Three Dog Bakery, dogs are truly man’s best friend. Known as the world’s first bakery for dogs, these caring owners have turned into entrepreneurs to improve dogs’ health throughout North Texas. Health can be the greatest gift of all. Bone cake, carob cake, peanut butter cake and wheat free cake are all available, to add to the deliciously naturally healthy foods produced on site at any of the three area locations in Alliance, Plano and Southlake.

Cat Connection
14233 Inwood Road
Dallas, TX, 75244
(972) 386-6369
www.thecatconnection.comCat Connection already has a leg up over other gift stores for pets because they zoned in on a niche. Most pet gift stores seem to be directed at dog owners, yet feline friends are left out. Cat Connection proudly boasts “no dogs allowed” in its store or its inventory. Anything your lovely kitty could desire can be found at Cat Connection. Catnip comes in all shapes and sizes. After a catnip fix, your cat could get a new kitty lounger or soft bed to sleep in. The variety of toys specially made for cats will amaze you. This is one place where cats are king.

The Lucky Dog Barkery
8320 Preston Center Plaza Drive
Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 368-6000
www.theluckydogbarkery.comThe Lucky Dog Barkery makes every canine visitor feel extra special. It is the store’s policy to give every dog who enters a biscuit just for their time. The Lucky Dog Barkery is full of leashes, collars and beds, not to mention dog art and dog bowls. To fill those bowls, The Lucky Dog Barkery offers natural and raw foods, as well as organics to keep dogs healthy like Wing-A-Lings, Turducken or Grammy’s Pot Pie. Is your pet’s mouth watering yet? Bring your dog in for a visit and let him speak for himself. Once the warm aroma of health-conscious, natural treats and food hit his nose, you’ll know you brought him to the right place.

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1005 Foch St
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 877-4924
www.cowtownwag.comWag brings out the animal in customers, the animal-lover that is. The individual service everyone receives at Wag is commendable and personable. Being a family owned and operated store makes good customer service the norm. And their motto, “because dogs are the new kids,” is such a strongly-held belief, it is not surprising that the quality collars, leashes, treats and toys could be piled a mile high. If only shopping for people was as easy as holiday shopping for pets at Wag.

Woof-Cool Stuff For Dogs
2001 Coit Road Suite 160
Plano, TX 75075
(972) 964-5164
www.woofandbark.comThis shop is like the mall for dogs. With a stocked inventory of harnesses, collars, toys, bedding, treats and yummy food for both cats and dogs, pet owners won’t need to go anywhere else to find the perfect present for pup. Colorful fleece vests would be the perfect gift to keep your beloved warm in the winter months. Comfortably designed harnesses will get you and your pet active and walking any time of year, just in time for that pesky pending New Year’s Resolution. After the brisk winter walk, how about rewarding your pet with a mouthful of treats? Sounds like Woof is the ideal place to stock up for a wintry wonderland retreat.

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