(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

We all need to get away from time to time. Unfortunately, some of us cannot afford to get away due to work, family, school and other commitments. But you can, however, enjoy a nice drive that’s not too far from home and that is beautiful. These wonderful scenic views will take your breath away and won’t kill your bank account. So hop in the car and enjoy these great scenic drives in the DFW.
U.S. Route 67

Once you get past Interstate 20 traveling south on U.S. Route 67 you will begin to experience the southern suburban cities of Dallas. But keep driving past FM 1382 (Beltline Road in Cedar Hill, Texas) and you will see nothing but scenic views that will make you feel like you are going on a long journey. US 67 will take you to Midlothian, Venue, Alvarado, Keene, Cleburne, Glen Rose (home of Dinosaur Valley State Park) and Stephenville.

Red River Roadway

If you live in or around Denton, TX, then this is the perfect route for you to enjoy the scenery, landmarks and wonderful dining experiences in the small towns. Just head north out of Denton on FM 2164, then turn left on FM Route 455 and take it to Forestburg. You will be in the North Texas Hill Country. Once you head north out of Forestburg on FM Route 677 you will be able to see and enjoy the Red River which includes a beautiful of the river valley. When you’re ready to get back to Denton, jump on Highway 82 from Gainsville. The total trip is 130 miles.

East Texas Via Interstate 20

If you’re from Dallas, then you probably know at least one person from a town in East Texas. These small and quaint towns are just what you need when you are looking to get away. Just hop on Interstate 20 going East, and you’ll see a lot of beautiful homes, shopping centers and trees. You can get off in Canton, TX where there is a wonderful campground or keep driving to Longview for some antique shopping. Either way, this two hour drive is just what you need to unwind. Don’t forget to stop by Lake Tawakoni.

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West Texas Via Interstate 20

Many people don’t realize that West Texas has some very beautiful routes that are just as tranquil as going East. Granted there are less trees going west because of the hill country, but the view is still just as spectacular. When you get on Interstate 20 West you will drive through Fort Worth and all of its small suburban cities, but once you clear FW you will experience seeing vast land and hills that look like small mountains. If you don’t want to stay on I-20 then exit Highway 180 through Weatherford and drive up to Lake Mineral Wells. When you’re ready to come back just hop back on I-20.

The Road To Texarkana

Do you need to get out of Texas for a couple of hours? Then head straight up Interstate 30 and be prepared to be blown away by the beauty of Arkansas. Filled with beautiful trees, greenery and so much wonder, this two hour drive is everything you need to enjoy a day out of the house. Arkansas has several state parks for you to enjoy, but if you don’t want to get out of your car, you can still enjoy the ride. Once you get to Texarkana, get out and enjoy some of the food. You’ll be impressed that this medium-sized city sits on the split between Texas and Arkansas. Just pick a side and enjoy the scenery change.

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