Facebook Changes

Here we go again with some changes to the Facebook privacy settings, this time involving teen profiles.

The change will allow kids aged 13 to 17 to post status updates, videos and images that can be seen by anyone.

Until now, teens could only share information with their friends or friends of friends.

Facebook says the move will give teens more choice and allow them reach a wider audience if they want.

Critics point out the safety concerns and say this is all about the money. As a result of the change, advertisers will have more access to teen profiles.

Yeti Research

New research from Britain shows the Yeti may be more than just a legend.

Oxford University professor Bryan Sykes put out a call for hair samples taken by people who claimed to have had a Yeti encounter.

Sykes compared two samples to DNA from other animals — and says they matched that of an ancient polar bear.

One of them matched with a Norweigian artic polar bear that is at least 40 thousand years old — indicating that the Yeti could be a hybrid between brown and polar bears.

Bathroom Restaurant

Finally, a new Los Angeles restaurant lets their guests sit on the throne — while eating from toilet shaped bowls.

The Magic Restroom Cafe has tables with toilet seats.

The restaurant serves Taiwanese fare — and even uses some bathroom lingo on the menu.

Dishes include “smells like poop” — braised pork over rice — or “constipation” — a Chinese dish made of wheat noodles and pork.