An amazing new commercial has everyone talking online. It gives you chills!

A pro football player and battery maker Duracell teamed for one of the most inspiring commercials in a long time.

The ad has been watched nearly four million times in just a few days — and it features the story of the first deaf offensive player to play in the NFL.

Despite going deaf at the age of 3, Derrick Coleman when on to play college football for UCLA.

Coleman did not get drafted to the NFL after college in 2012, but with perseverance and hard work, he made the Seattle Seahawks team this season.

Seattle is known for having some of the loudest fans in the league. And at the end of the commercial, Coleman says he can hear every one of them.


A performance of peter pan turns into a real life fairy tale, when the actor playing peter pan changed it up a little — and ended the night with a proposal.

The actor playing Peter Pan proposed to the actress playing Wendy, which was a complete surprise to her.

She said the proposal caught her completely by surprise, even though the entire cast was in on it and her family was in the audience.

The two met while touring and have been dating for a year.


Forget your instincts. If you see a baby alone and crying in a stroller just walk away quickly.

Pranksters set up some hidden cameras and then introduced some New Yorkers to the “devil baby.

It’s a robotic baby, in a remote controlled stroller that pops up and scares the pants off unsuspecting people. The baby screams, vomits, and makes inappropriate hand gestures.

Promoters for a new movie set the fake baby loose and videoed it all to get people talking about the film. In one day, the video has racked up nearly 10 million views.