Photo Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Move over Facebook, Instagram is taking over as the new front-runner in photography and selfies. Dallas has an award-winning cityscape, a photographer’s dream, but you can’t stock Instagram with just buildings. Here are a few ideas of beautiful places to take your newest sensational Instagram photos.

Reunion Tower
300 Reunion Blvd E.
Dallas, TX 75207
(214) 712-7040
www.reuniontower.comThis staple attraction for locals and visitors to DFW alike, is a must for great photos of the Dallas cityscape by day or night. Unless you have your own helicopter, the Geodeck at Reunion Tower is one of the very few places you can see the entire city spectrum, allowing you to highlight various chunks of the city and focus on where you fit. Mixing in the lights at night and creating effects with filters will create plenty of photo buzz. Don’t forget to try a few in one of the two revolving restaurants for action shots or special effects.

Deep Ellum
deepellumtexas.comDeep Ellum has the color that makes a photo great. With street art sculptures, murals and music culture on the streets, available day and night, there are plenty of options. History, contemporary, and futuristic sights are all part of Deep Ellum. Limitless Instagram opportunities can be made of the murals under the bridges alone. Add to that, giant robot sculptures and museum’s dedicated to vinyl and 8 tracks, and it becomes clear that Deep Ellum has a sense of self hard to find anywhere else.

Fort Worth Water Gardens better setting for a prime photo than water? The Fort Worth Water Gardens offer countless geometric shapes, formations, and the constant movement of water. Waterfalls and active views tack on more options for reflection and texture, almost erasing the need for filters. That combined with natural lighting and the influx of city movement make Fort Worth Water Gardens a background for an Instagram photo only limited by a closed imagination. This is the place for photos that reflect relaxation, mindfulness and tranquility within the city limits of Fort Worth.

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White Rock Lake is hardly a list of photography sites that would be complete without White Rock Lake, not only for its sheer beauty, but also for the variety of scenes one can create here. From shots along the water, to action shots running, biking or dragon boating, to the ducks and wildlife native to its shores, there are so many great pics to take here! Even better, canoe or kayak on the lake up to the shore bordering the Arboretum to have a picture that mixes, water, flora and sport all at once. Land lovers can take their best shot in front of the Bath House Cultural Center, a sophisticated background for those who want to give an air of elegance. The best part of White Rock Lake photography is that is changes throughout the year with the seasons and it’s open for photography day and night!

Bishop Arts District and blooming, the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff has color, art, taste, and flair. Vintage houses and architecture and expressive entrepreneurial shops add character to the area. Great for food shots, drinks shots and social shots, Bishop Arts District’s directory of venues is as diverse as its patrons. Whether on a regular day when the restaurants are teeming with enthusiastic background models in your photo shoot, or festivals like the Bastille Day festival that brings out French culture and activity, Bishop Arts district is one of the most vibrant places in the area for photos featuring city life, leisure and lovable Instagram photography.

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