A photo, Twitter and a little divine intervention helped a mother find her missing son — nearly 400 miles away from home.

The young man, whose name is Nick, disappeared from his New York home leaving his wallet and cell phone behind.

A couple of days later, a photographer was snapping pictures of a group of homeless men in Washington D.C.

She says she zeroed in on Nick because she said he was so young and didn’t look hardened.

One of those pictures was published by USA Today.  Nick’s family saw it and contacted the photographer through Twitter.

Nick’s mother posted on Facebook, “Nick is alive but obviously not well.  We are going to get him home and safe.  This is by far the greatest example of god’s love and divine intervention I have ever experienced.”


A new movie about a man who falls in love with artificial intelligence has caught Siri’s eye – and she’s not happy about it.

Siri doesn’t seem to be a fan of this movie, which is called “Her” and it’s about a man who develops a relationship with the voice software in his phone.

The two hold conversations about life and love until the film’s main character believes he is falling in love with her.

Someone out there thought they would ask the iPhone’s Siri if she is her — and siri didn’t like the question.

In one response she said “no.  Her portrayal of an intelligent agent is beyond artificial.”

In another response she said, “you know that’s just a movie, right?”


A bizarre move by an NBA star at the American Airlines Center is going viral.

New York guard JR Smith reaches down and unties Shawn Marion’s shoe in a game between the Knicks and the Mavs.

Smith seems to be stretching — when he quickly reaches for Marion’s laces as they wait for Dirk Nowitzki to shoot a free throw.

Marion looks down in time to see it — but doesn’t have time retying it until he gets to the other end of the court.