Cell Phone Crashing

A man takes up conversation crashing, in a new viral video.

He pretends he’s on the phone, sits next to someone else on the phone and hijacks their conversation.

He’s done it at the park, at a soccer game and this latest video comes from the airport.

One of the prank victims actually gets up and moves down a seat to get away from Greg — the cell phone crasher. But Greg just gets up and moves over too.

This hilarious video has racked up more than three million views in two days.


The University of Texas has quite the list for potential football coaches now that Mack Brown has resigned – and a former baseball player is volunteering for the job.

Jose Canseco has launched a Twitter campaign for UT’s head football coaching job with his own hashtag – #cansecohorrns.

It started with a tweet directed at Mack Brown, which read, “So sorry to hear about Mack Brown. Hug for u buddy”

Then, just a minute later, he tweets to UT’s new athletic director, “Hey Steve @stevepatterson you need a huge name for huge job buddy. I know football even better than baseball.”

He then lays out his four-point plan to fix Texas football – with the final tweet reading, “Forth hire the Baylor recruiting coach he is killing us. #cansecohorns”

He also suggests Texas join the SEC conference and get another Vince Young.

McCartney Misses Free Shirt

All people love free stuff – even rock royalty. How else can you explain why Paul McCartney, who is worth somewhere around 800 million bucks, was trying so hard to score a free t-shirt at the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets game Monday night.

He was calling for it to be thrown his way — along with everybody else around him — and when it fell a little short you could see him point and say, “That’s was mine.”