An online music-streaming service is jumping into politics.

Pandora is betting your musical tastes reflect your political views.

Pandora will label you a republican or democrat based on what kind of music you prefer.  Then based on your zip code, political groups and candidates can target you with ads.

It’s a big money making option for the service with 73 million listeners.

Pandora says it’s political predictions are accurate about 75 percent of the time.

The only way to avoid the ads, pay four bucks a month for the ad-free service.


A travel diary like we’ve probably never seen before is getting attention online.

Forget pictures and t-shirts as vacation souvenirs.  A former attorney from Louisiana is keeping track of his travels with a huge tattoo across his back.

Bill Passman tattooed a map of the world on his back and with every trip, he colors in the country he just visited.

Each of the 60 countries he’s visited gets a different color, his most recent travels include Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Russia.

On his blog, he says he got the tattoo to show his passion for travel.


Finally, goats plus a piece of steel equals a very entertaining video!

Since it was posted yesterday, more than a million people have watched this YouTube video — of goats trying to balance themselves on a piece of steel.

Three goats take turns atop the flexible sheet metal — while a fourth watches.

They jump on, steady themselves, slide off, then jump back on.

They all want on at the same time — and eventually they figure out how to make it happen.