Trending: Twitter Rips Cowboys, Shark Photobomb, Top Meme 2013

December 30, 2013 5:06 PM

(credit: Twitter)


More than 12 hours after the end of last night’s season ending loss, five of the top ten trending topics on twitter were cowboys related and social media is slamming the team for another 8-8 season.

Tony Romo didn’t even play in last night’s game, but he’s all over twitter today with comparisons between him and backup quarterback Kyle Orton.  The tweets poke fun at Romo and Orton’s game-ending interceptions.

Another pic titled, “How To Spot a Counterfeit Playoff Ticket,” is circulating online – with the tag line, “It has the word Cowboys on it.”

Finally, another of the trending photos shows Rowdy, the Cowboys mascot, sitting alone in chair with his head hanging down.

One Twitter user posted a picture of three lumps of coal and a letter addressed to Jerry Jones.  He posted that he would send the coal and boycott buying tickets until the Cowboys win two postseason games.

On the CBSDFW Facebook page, we asked you what changes do you think the cowboys should make for next year?

Pat A. Sisk wrote, “Need to rebuild the team from top to bottom.”

Morgan Singleton said, “The Cowboys have the worst defense in the league so I think it should start there.”

Walker wrote “Complete overhaul…. Fire em all!!!”

And John Briggs made it really simple, “I don’t know. Maybe win more games?”

There’s plenty of jokes and frustration to go around for Cowboys fans – and nothing that can be done about it until next year.


A California mom caught a scary moment in the surf, even though her kids in the shot don’t seem to notice.

The picture was snapped close to the shore on Manhattan Beach in California, as the mom watched her 12-year-old twins playing in the water.

You can see the outline of a large fish swimming just a few feet away from the kids.

Some are calling it a shark photobomb.  The mom says she thinks it’s a large dolphin, and at least one expert agrees with her.

Soon after she posted the pic on Facebook, it went viral.


Finally, the number one meme of the year has just been awarded.

From the Harlem shake to Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” the internet has given us plenty of memorable memes for 2013 —  and a dog tops them all.

Thousands of variations of this cute dog — which is spelled DOGE by the way — started flooding the internet around August of this year.

The picture usually includes several funny short phrases in broken English or misspellings — like on this fake cover of Time magazine.

The site “Know Your Meme” named it as the best of the year!