The coronavirus pandemic has put life on pause, even the chore of fling taxes isn't immune.

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Everything You Need To Know About The New Tax DeadlineThe coronavirus pandemic has put life on pause, even the chore of fling taxes isn't immune.
Are You Really Ready to Retire?What's Up DFW with DeWitt and Dunn Financial Services. Are you ready to retire? Are you really ready to retire? Cathy DeWitt Dunn helps navigate the crucials steps you should take for a successful retirement.
Planning During the Retirement RedzoneWhat's Up DFW with DeWitt and Dunn financial services. For almost two decades now, Cathy DeWitt Dunn has specialized in helping individuals and families secure their retirement futures. She discusses the crucial steps to take now, so you and your family can enjoy life during retirement.
How To Get Ready For A Property Tax Appraisal Protest HearingPeople who wish to lower their appraised value can appeal to their appraisal district's review board. Of course, higher values mean higher taxes.
Options Abound For Those Wanting To Protest Property TaxesProperty appraisal notices have hit mailboxes across North Texas and in many neighborhoods values are up - way up.
Federal Income Tax Tips To Avoid Big BillThe amount people are getting regarding tax refunds keeps fluctuating.
Tax Season Is Here!With President Trump's new tax law in place, many people are wondering what that means for them when they file.
Governor Announces Plan To Limit Property Tax IncreasesGovernor Abbott blames higher spending by local leaders for rising property tax bills. But Democrats say local governments are not to blame --Republicans are.
Tax Assessor Candidate Owes Thousands In Tax Penalties, InterestFormer Dallas-Fort Worth news anchor Mike Snyder is running for Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector.
Prepaying Property Taxes May Not Help North Texans After IRS Clarifies RulesA newly issued advisory by the IRS Wednesday afternoon casts doubt that North Texans will be able to deduct prepayments of next year's property taxes on this year's federal income tax returns.
What GOP Tax Bill Could Mean To Your FamilyRepublicans say tax cuts will help families and businesses. They passed tax reform without any Democrats, who call it a tax scam.
Property Taxes Rapidly Increasing In DallasThe average appraised value for Dallas homes is up 12 percent.

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