Is Zelle A Risky App?You can pay someone by using Zelle in seconds, but some customers said if you make a mistake, you are out of luck and your money.
Fighting To See: North Texan Seeks Consumer JusticeWhen this North Texan's insurance wouldn't help him pay for his much-needed medication, he called CBS 11 News for Consumer Justice!
Amazon Getting In The Delivery Business With "Prime" Branded VansWith Amazon's new program rolling out Thursday, contractors around the country can launch businesses that deliver Amazon packages. The move gives Amazon more ways to ship its packages to shoppers without having to rely on UPS, FedEx and other package delivery services.
Ban On Foreign Trash Costing North Texas Cities MillionsSome experts think this could result in recycling collection bills to double.
Growing North Texas Gift Card Scam Cheats CBS11 Reporter Ginger AllenThe CBS I-Team digs into corruption, cover-ups and consumer issues, and occasionally falls victim to a crime.
Fake License Plates Mean Free Rides For Hundreds Of North TexansScammers take the toll roads for free while others get the bills. When it happened to Montgomery Moore, he called for Consumer Justice.
When It Comes to Tipping, Millennials Most Likely To Stiff ServersWhen it comes to tipping, millennials are the worst. That's the conclusion of a survey released Monday, which found young adults to be far less generous than older generations when it comes to rewarding their servers at restaurants.
North Texas Couple Says AT&T Is Targeting ThemThis North Texas couple called CBS 11 News for Consumer Justice!
Consumer Warnings For June 6, 2018Protect yourself from scammers, listen to Cristin Severance and stay ahead of people who prey on others.
Company Accused Of 'Hostage Moving" Has New NameConsumer Justice was there as the company's warehouse was cleared out.
Insurer Won't Cover Out-Of-Network ER Bills For Non-Emergency VisitsBlue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is calling it a change in the way it reviews out-of-network ER bills of its members. But some doctors say the insurance giant wants its members to be diagnosticians.
Large Sweet Yellow Onion Crop Means Great Prices At The StoreThis year's crop of sweet yellow onions is huge, so there are some great prices on the market. They're perfect for grilling, and only get sweeter as you cook them longer.
Grand Prairie ISD To Release Details About Superintendent SpendingThe time for answers is near after an in-depth Consumer Justice investigation into spending by the Grand Prairie ISD.
Fingerling Potatoes Do Not Need To Be Cooked Very LongFood contributor Tony Tantillo takes a look at fingerling potatoes, which do not need to be cooked very long and are often overcooked.
Starbucks Closing More Than 8,000 Stores For Anti-Bias TrainingAfter putting together a curriculum for its 175,000 workers, Starbucks will close more than 8,000 stores nationwide today to conduct anti-bias training.
New Study Compares Effectiveness Of Sunscreen SPF RatingsThere has been a debate going on for years about sunscreen, and whether or not anything over SPF 50 really makes a difference. Now, a new study suggests that going higher leads to better protection.
Protecting Your Car From The Texas SunThe Texas sun can take a toll on your car, but there are some easy ways to protect it.
Expect To Pay More At The Pump This Holiday WeekendBy planes, trains and automobiles, millions of Americans are getting out of town for the Memorial Day weekend.
Serial Squatters Strike AgainA couple dubbed the "serial squatters" is racking up more evictions, this time in Colorado.
Gas Prices Keep Climbing As Summer Travel Season NearsGas prices have already been climbing, but things are expected to get even worse across Texas as people think about Memorial Day travel plans. AAA Texas spokesman Daniel Armbruster talks about trends at the gas pump, and offers tips for saving some cash.
Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Under Fire - AgainCustomers say a Dallas-based dating company conned them into pricey contracts, then failed to deliver on promises. It's a company Consumer Justice has investigated before. 
Rising Gas Prices Could Lead To Expensive Summer TravelGas prices have been on the rise across North Texas for the last month, and many people are worried that this could be an expensive summer travel season.
Dish Network Telemarketing Calls Could Mean $1,200 Payout To Somehousands of people who got a telemarketing call for Dish Network in 2010 or 2011 may be able to collect $1,200 per call.
Tenants Face Eviction After Rent Money Stolen From ComplexAccording to tenants and a Fort Worth police report, someone broke into the overnight deposit box at Chisholm Trail Townhomes and stole the checks and money orders.

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