Wild Wednesday: Tamandua - Lesser AnteatersWild Wednesday: Tamandua - Lesser Anteaters
Wild Wednesday: Baby Black-Necked SwansWild Wednesday: Baby Black-Necked Swans
Wild Wednesday: Blue-Tongued SkinkWild Wednesday: Blue-Tongued Skink
Pet Of The Week - BridgetHow can you resist those kind eyes and sweet disposition? Bridget is looking to be the only fur child of a loving home. Visit hsnt.org to adopt her!
Wild Wednesday: Patagonian MaraWild Wednesday: Patagonian Mara
Sweet Pup With Prosthetic Limb Ready For AdoptionNeglect left Grace O’Malley, a Malti-Poo mix pup, without a back leg. Now, after nearly a year of rehab, she’s ready for adoption.
Dallas Animal Services Cracking Down On Irresponsible Dog OwnersThe warrant roundup is part of a larger effort by the city of Dallas to change the animal culture there.
Wild Wednesday: Three-Banded ArmadilloWild Wednesday: Three-Banded Armadillo
Vet Says Dog Flu On Rise In North TexasThe dog flu is not the same as human flu but it can be very serious.
It's Snowing In DallasAndrea Lucia shows light snow coming down as people walk their dogs in the Main Street Garden Park.
Wild Wednesday: African Black-Footed PenguinWild Wednesday: African Black-Footed Penguin
Rescue Dog Reunited With Couple Thanks To Alert Citizen, OfficerJust after 10:00 p.m. Monday, Taylor Todd got a shock when he noticed the front door open and his rescue dog, Zoey was gone.
Family Searches For Pets Following CrashJacob Harms says he’s desperate to find his family's missing dog and cat after a frightening crash on I-20 in Palo Pinto County.
Wild Wednesday: Spider TortoiseOn this Wild Wednesday, we take a look at the spider tortoise with Seamus Ehrhard at the Fort Worth Zoo.
New Devices Can Track Your Pet In Real TimeWith today's technology, the odd are increasing a lost pet will be found.
Dog Attacks Child At Pet Adoption Event In DallasA Colleyville couple says their 2-year old son was viciously mauled by a pit bull mix named Rusty during a pet adoption event in Klyde Warren Park last weekend.
Wild Wednesday: Virginia OpossumWild Wednesday: Virginia Opossum
Wild Wednesday: Great Horned OwlWild Wednesday: Great Horned Owl
Humane Society Of North Texas Adopting Out Exotic PetsThere are a lot of animals available beyond dogs and cats these days.
Wild Wednesday: Red-Necked WallabyWild Wednesday: Red-Necked Wallaby
Flea-Borne Typhus Cases Now In North TexasFleas on pets and wild critters, like possums, won’t make animals sick, but they could send you to the hospital.
Wild Wednesday: Baby Komodo DragonWild Wednesday: Baby Komodo Dragon
Wild Wednesday: Trumpeter HornbillWild Wednesday: Trumpeter Hornbill
Wild Wednesday: Virginia OpossumWild Wednesday: Virginia Opossum

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