What's Up DFW with Studio Movie Grill The saga may be over but the story will go on forever. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is officially hitting theaters, marking the final chapter in a story forty years in the making. If you're feeling a little blue don't worry, we know just what to order to awaken the force within you.

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Start Your Adventure With the Us ArmyWhat's Up DFW with the US Army. There is much more to the US Army than most people know. Hear why a General and Command Sergeant decided to enlist.
Smart Cooking on a Traeger GrillWhat's Up DFW with Traeger Grills. Meat Church Founder Matt Pittman explains why Traeger Grills make it easy to make delicious meals right in your backyard... even if you aren't home!
The Zerorez Difference: Cleaner Carpets without Harsh ChemicalsWhat's Up DFW with Zerorez. Do you know what's lurking right below your feet? Zerorez gets your carpets cleaner, for longer, and without harsh chemicals. Don't believe us? We put it to the test with a big mess and watched it disappear using just water!
Turning Houses into Homes with the Dallas Furniture BankWhat's Up DFW with Dallas Furniture Bank. Can you imagine coming home and not having a bed to sit in or a table to eat at? Sadly, that is the reality for many DFW households. The Dallas Furniture Bank is a non-profit that transforms the lives of families getting back on their feet by turning a house into a home.
Roofs Put to the Test with RJ ConstructionWhat's Up DFW with RJ Construction Can your roof handle high gusts? RJ construction puts shingles to the test with a very special guest.
Surprising Facts about Life in the ArmyWhat's Up DFW with the United States Army. Did you know you could play basketball in the Army? That's just one of the many sports programs you can join as a soldier. Find out more surprising facts about life in the military.
Transforming Teeth and Lives at Fast New SmileWhat's Up DFW with Fast New Smile. In this half-hour special we explore how Fast New Smile is changing lives by transforming teeth. See the fascinating way they create custom smiles and the incredible before and afters.
Transform Your Body with The Happy Healthy GuysWhat's Up DFW with Happy Healthy Guys. Tried of the weight loss struggle? The Happy Healthy Guys explain how we can finally get rid of those unwanted pounds.
Starting a New Career in Property PreservationWhat's Up DFW with Danielle Pierce. Property Preservation might be your new career- that you've never heard of. Danielle Pierce explains what it is and how to get started.
Get Happy and Healthy from Home!If you feel like you've gained a little extra while stuck inside, you're not alone. Find out how the Happy Healthy Guys can help you get the body you want from the safety of your own home.
Get Retirement Ready with Dewitt and Dunn Financial ServicesAre you ready for retirement? Dewitt and Dunn tells us how to prepare for a successful retirement.
Affordable Advertising while Social Distancing on What's Up DFWNow is an important time to speak to consumers about your business. CBS is here to help you deliver your sales and marketing message while staying safe. To learn more about advertising through virtual interviews or other campaigns, please reach out to us at WUDFW@cbs.com !
Get Healthy and Recover with PurposeWhat's Up DFW with Performance Medicine and Sports Therapy. They work with some of the biggest athletes in DFW but you don't have to be a pro to benefit from Performance Medicine and Sports Therapy. Find out how they can help you be the best version of yourself.
Southwest Kia Supporting Customers and the CommunitySouthwest Kia has been deemed an essential business and they are taking every precaution to keep customers safe. Owner Bill Dickason tells us how social distancing car service and sales works plus how they are helping local restaurants keep their kitchens open.
What's Up DFWNow is an important time to speak to consumers about your business. CBS is here to help you deliver your sales and marketing message. To learn more about advertising through virtual interviews or other campaigns, please reach out to us at WUDFW@cbs.com !
Painless Weight Loss in Two Weeks!What's Up DFW with Innovative Lasers of Houston. Want to lose up to ten pounds in just two weeks? You can and you don't even have to go to the gym. CEO Laura Alexis explains how this painless laser treatment works.
Get Rid of Your Timeshare and Get Your 2020 Fee's Back!What's Up DFW with Timeshare Termination Team. Timeshare Termination Team helps owners legally and permanently get rid of their timeshares with a simple process that's guaranteed to cancel your timeshare contract. Find out how you can get your money back even if you've already paid your 2020 fees!
Smile Direct Club Lets You Skip the Dentist!What's Up DFW with Smile Direct Club. You could have a new smile in as little as six months without even stepping foot in a dentist's office! We're finding out how Smile Direct Club offers convenient smile transformations at an amazingly affordable price.
The Mouthwatering Megaplex Burger at Studio Movie GrillWhat's Up DFW with Studio Movie Grill- Opening Hearts and Minds One Story at a Time. We're giving you a menu sneak peek of the Metroplex Burger. Order it during your next movie at Studio Movie Grill. #mysmg
Losing Those Extra Pounds And Feeling Great, Real Life Testimonials For A Slimmer LifeWhat's Up DFW with Slim4Life
Only Pay for the Gym Time You're Actually Using with FlexitWhat's Up DFW with Flexit. The Flexit app gives you access to 1000+ gyms so you can work out whenever and where ever you want. The best part? You only pay for the time you use! The Flexit Team hit the WUDFW studio to explain how it all works and you're going to want to watch until the end.
Waiting For That One Day To Start Your RV Adventures? Reasons Not To Wait!What’s Up DFW? With Airstream of DFW.
Get Productive at Nuvodesk, Arlington's Newest Luxury Coworking Space.What's Up DFW- Check out Arlington's newest co-working space. If you're an entrepreneur, start-up, or at home employee, you can step up your productivity game at Nuvodesk. They have five different levels of membership and amenities galore but that's not all. Nuvodesk is committed to fostering innovative ideas and young business minds in an environment designed to help you thrive.
Helping Your Parent with Long Term CareWhat's Up DFW with Author Taylor Willingham As your parents age, you may find yourself suddenly the one now taking care of them. Elder Law Attorney Taylor Willingham has authored several books to help guide through life's changes. Today he talks about long term care and how to navigate the difficult but important conversation.

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