It passed by a vote of 7-1, but those opposed to the changes say the fight isn't over.

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Argyle High Baseball Team's Dream Of A 3-Peat Will Have To Remain A Dream IndefinitelyThe season has been suspended due to coronavirus.
Scott Padgett's Weather ForecastApril showers are in the forecast this upcoming week with the exception of Wednesday.
Coronavirus In Texas: COVID-19 Sweeps Through North TexasCOVID-19 has swept through North Texas and, on Thursday, claimed its first death in Hood County and its sixth case at the Dallas Police Department.
American Cancer Society Forced To Cut Back On Services Due To CoronavirusIt’s a critical nonprofit that helps people battling cancer, but with the COVID-19 outbreak the American Cancer Society is having to cut back on some of their services.
'It's A Slap In The Face': Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins Forces Hobby Lobby To CloseA Hobby Lobby in Dallas closed abruptly Thursday after Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins called the business out for keeping its doors open amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Some Businesses Using Loopholes To Stay Open During Coronavirus-Related Shutdowns"This isn’t just a legal question. It’s a moral question," says University of Texas at Dallas Law Professor Mike Maslanka.
Fort Worth Lab Can Test If People Who Never Showed Coronavirus Symptoms Were InfectedThis test is not FDA approved, but is available under the agency’s Emergency Use Authorization Guidelines.
Should You Wear A Mask? Not A Simple 'Yes' Or 'No'The WHO and CDC are rethinking their stance on whether healthy people need to wear a mask.
Neighborhood Clinics A Critical Resource For Freeing Up Capacity In ERs"Could be allergies, strep throat, so we're still treating all of those things and also educating people that might have a virus that lends to those same symptoms."
Several North Texas Counties Still Clear Of CoronavirusThere are places in North Texas where stores are locked up, and schools are closed, but there are still no confirmed cases of COVID-19.
Coronavirus In Texas: Local Hotel, Motel Residents Unable To Pay Bills Face EvictionUnder the law, people who live in motels or hotels are not typically considered tenants. That means they are not subject to the same formal eviction process.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott Discusses Financial Impact Of COVID-19 And Whether Texans Are Complying With State At Home RequestTexas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a warning to Texans Thursday, April 2 to stay home because he expects the increase in cases and deaths from COVID-19 to continue.
Coronavirus In Texas: DPS Troopers Increase Patrols Near Louisiana BorderThe governor of Louisiana warned its residents to expect a huge spike over COVID-19 cases in the coming days.
Gov. Abbott 'Texas May Hit Top Of COVID-19 Curve In Mid Or Late April'The governor also talked about how only last week there were 18 deaths, compared to 70 today.
Erin Moran's Weather ForecastApril showers are in the forecast this upcoming week with the exception of Wednesday.
Unemployment Benefits Expanded: Who’s Now Eligible & How To ApplyThe $2 trillion dollar emergency relief bill signed by President Trump expands unemployment benefits as well as eligibility to workers who normally would not qualify.
DPS Troopers Increase Patrols Near Louisiana BorderAnastaja Martin got pulled over Thursday and questioned by troopers before being allowed to go to her job at a fast food restaurant.
City Of Laredo Requiring Residents To Cover Nose And Mouth In PublicIn an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, one Texas city is now requiring its residents to cover their nose and mouth when going out in public or else face a fine of up to $1,000. Katie Johnston reports.
'Tiger King' Star Joe Exotic Reportedly In Coronavirus Quarantine In Fort Worth PrisonHe's been convicted of more than a dozen counts of animal cruelty and for conspiring to kill a woman, but Joe Maldonado-Passage, the man now famously known as Joe Exotic, is reportedly among the inmates being quarantined for the COVID-19 virus in a Fort Worth prison. Katie Johnston reports.
Bill Jones Talks How A Shortened MLB Season Could Affect The Texas RangersWith the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are wondering what a shortened Major League Baseball season will look like. Katie Johnston reports.
Bill Jones Talks Cowboys 2020 Draft NeedsBill Jones discusses what prospects the Dallas Cowboys are after in the 2020 NFL Draft and how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the team. Katie Johnston reports.
44 UT Austin Students Test Positive For Coronavirus After Spring Break Trip To MexicoOver 40 students from the University of Texas at Austin have tested positive for the coronavirus after a spring break trip to Mexico.
Lots Of Clouds And Rain Coming And Sticking AroundWe're going to warm up a bit before the next cold from comes through.
New COVID-19 Case Numbers Prove Medical Experts Were Right To Take Virus SeriouslyMedical experts say new COVID-19 case numbers prove why they were right to take the virus seriously.

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