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To The Point 8/15/2020 Part 4To The Point
What Matters To Texans This ElectionNancy Bocskor, the director at the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy at Texas Woman’s University, sits down with political reporter Jack Fink to discuss what really matters to Texans this election.
Super Tuesday In TexasTexas is the second largest state on Super Tuesday. Find out what’s at stake.
TEDA Needs You!TEDA reached 41,000 individuals in 2018. Find out how you can help.
Texas Eating Disorders AssociationTEDA board member Rhonda Sargent Chambers explains how TEDA is fighting eating disorders through education, support and advocacy.
Eating Disorders In AmericaEating Disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.
Prenatal ScreeningDr. Joe Chang, OB/GYN, breaks down the pros and cons of genetic screening.
Genetic Testing & Family PlanningDr. Joe Chang, OB/GYN, explains why and when parents should consider getting genetic testing before having a family.
Plugged In DFW: State Of The Economy TodayFinancial Advisor, Jim Lacamp explains how the coronavirus could affect the global market, how the election could affect the economy and how to reduce taxes owed before Tax Day.
How Much Will Coronavirus Cost?Financial Advisor, Jim Lacamp discusses how the spread of the coronavirus could affect the global economy.
Election Year Financial TrendsLet's talks election year financial trends.
Is Investing In An IRA Smart?Jim Lacamp offers tips to paying less this tax season.
Heart Healthy LifestyleDr. Ruby Shah offers tips on living a heart healthy lifestyle.
Congenital Heart DefectsCongenital heart defects in children is the most common type of birth disorder in the U.S.
Go Red For Women1 in 3 women die of heart disease and stroke each year.
Heart Health 101Cardiologist Dr. Rishin Shah tells us about the five key personal health numbers that help determine risk for heart disease.

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