CBSDFW wants to know your thoughts. Below you will find some of the ads that ran in the big game. What is your favorite commercial? View the commercials below and scroll to the bottom to vote for your favorite! Commercials are still being released, so keep checking back. 

Amazon – Not Everything Makes The Cut

Audi Presents: Cashew

Avocados from Mexico – Top Dog

BON & VIV – The Pitch

Bubly – Can I have a bublé? (Teaser)

Budweiser – Wind Never Felt Better

Bud Light – Special Delivery

Bud Light x Game of Thrones Super Bowl Commercial – Joust

Bud Light – Medieval Barbers

Bud Light – Trojan Horse Occupants

Bumble – #InHerCourt Anthem

Burger King – Preppin’ (Teaser)

Burger King – EatLikeAndy The Whole Whopper

Colgate – The Close Talker

Devour – Food Porn

Doritos – Chance the Rapper x Backstreet Boys

Expensify – Expensify This

Google – 100 Billion Words

Google – Job Search for Veterans

Hyundai – The Elevator

Kia – The Great Unknowns – What If?

Mercedes-Benz 2019 A-Class

Michelob Ultra – The Pure Experience

Michelob Ultra – Robots

Microsoft – We All Win

NFL – The 100-Year Game

Olay – Killer Skin

Pepsi – More Than OK

Persil ProClean: The Deep Clean Level

Planters – Mr. Peanut Is Always There In Crunch Time

Pringles – Sad Device

Stella Artois – Change Up The Usual

Toyota – Toni

TurboTax Live – RoboChild

Verizon – The Coach Who Wouldn’t Be Here

Verizon – The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here

Washington Post – Democracy Dies in Darkness

[ yellow tail ] – Tastes Like Happy

More Commercials After The Poll!

Local MVP Commercials