immigrants Immigration Smackdown on Horizon (Video)President Obama says he’s unwilling to “kick the can down the road” when it comes to reforming the nation’s immigration laws, which have been the same since President Reagan granted amnesty to illegal immigrants back in the 80’s.   Many have said all that’s necessary is the enforcement of current laws.  President George W. Bush was roundly rejected by members of his own Republican party when he made a failed push for a guest worker program and other reforms, including increased border security.

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You can watch President Obama’s announcement here:

I plan to cover this extensively on the show at 7pm tonight, including an update from Washington with Beto Cardenas with Americans for Immigration Reform.  Beto was there for the President’s announcement today.

Also, Julian Aguilar at the Texas Tribune has the details on a new poll that shows people might have the stomach for one particular part of immigration reform.  But, as you can hear here, our listeners are divided on that.

I’ll be posting more about what’s coming up tonight as the day goes on…

Scott Braddock