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Purported transcript of cockpit recording published by German newspaper, detailing pilot's futile effort to reenter cockpit
Militant group attacks poll stations in country's northeast as count begins for presidential election too close to call
From Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre to St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, faithful mark final Sunday leading up to Easter
A top Democrat and Republican say that the U.S. could end up with a bad deal if it rushes to meet the March 31 deadline for negotiations
23 people taken to hospital for treatment of minor injuries after landing mishap in Halifax
The luxury train, called the Maharajas' Express, evokes an earlier era as it chugs across Northern India. Even before guests step aboard there is plenty of pageantry to set the tone. Seth Doane reports.
Speculation rife over mental state of Andreas Lubitz, who is believed to have deliberately crashed passenger jet into French Alps
The plane was smashed to pieces on the rocky slopes of the French Alps. France's president announced almost immediately there would be no survivors - no survivors, but a huge mystery. Elizabeth Palmer reports.
Regional summit supports Saudi-led strikes on Shiite rebels; leaders agree to form joint military force
Anti-terror operations conducted throughout nation in wake of terror attack that left 22 dead, mostly foreigners