New Thermostats Promise Lower Utility Bills

A California company is joining forces with Oncor to roll out a new interactive thermostat that promises a reduction in utility costs.  John Steinberg with EcoFactor tells KRLD for 19.99 for the first six months and 8.99 per month after that, they’ll install a 2-way thermostat system that learns from your heating and cooling habits.

Steinberg says the average homeowner could save between $200 and $300 a year with the system.  Although it’s hooked up to a network, Steinberg says homeowners will still have complete control of their thermostats.

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One Comment

  1. marianne d says:

    so for $74 plus tax, I “could” save $200 a year…I want a guarantee

  2. Anita says:

    I have a programmable thermostat – and it cost me a whole lot less than that! It allows me to change temperature for when I’m there, when I’m not and when I’m sleeping. Simpler than this “technological wonder” that TXU wants to sell!

  3. david says:

    Is Oncor to be tied into the same network?

  4. thomas d says:

    Let’s see, I get to spend 120 after six months and then another 54 dollars for the next six months. So year one I spent about 174 and you just know they will also add extra taxes and “fees” to those prices. All so that I “could” save 200 to 300 dollars each year? And every year after that I will spend 108 dollars. So even after the thermostat is paid for they keep sticking you for the money and there is no guarantee that you’ll save anything; but do take their word for it and fork over that cash! I love how the company partners with Oncor, the company that spent hundreds of millions on the wrong kind of electric meter and wants all of us to pay for their mistakes. What if we pay for the “wrong kind” of thermostat, will we owe money for that also? I would rather buy my own programmable thermostat and manage my own heating and cooling habits.

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