Doctors Dropping Out Of Medicaid

The Dallas Morning News reports in its Sunday edition that a number of north Texas doctors are planning to drop out of Medicaid because the government is expanding the scope of the program while at the same time it reduces reimbursements paid to the doctors who provide the care.  The newspaper says only about 15,000 of the state’s 48,000 practicing physicians are active in Medicaid, and the number has steadily declined over the past two decades.  State lawmakers, meanwhile, have told the Morning News their problem is they have to deal with an $18 billion budget shortfall.  Medicaid covers more than 3 million poor, and the paper says many of them have no where else to go.


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  1. Sargeant Dread says:

    It’s pitiful when the rich get richer and the poor get drunk.I know all about the cost of medical school and residency……..this is about once you have it made and most MD’s do, they should give back to the community and country that gave them the opportunity to earn the pay scale that they do.I dare say, most earn in a month what I earned in a year.

  2. Hard Work, Not Welfare says:

    Regarding Sargeant Dread: What is truly pitiful is when those who did not work hard expect to reap the benefits of those who did. Each of us has the opportunity to decide our occupation. It is not difficult to figure out which jobs pay the most. Communities and countries do not give out medical degrees. Hard work and sacrifice EARN medical degrees. I suspect that even your wages are higher than those of most citizens of our world… perhaps you should be expected to work for less in order to send some of your hard earned dollars to others who are less fortunate. Want to volunteer to do your same job for less pay? No? Then don’t expect others to do the very same thing that you would decry if asked.

  3. SmellTheCoffee says:

    I personally know an Internal Medicine doc who had to shut down a practice because of having a soft heart and seeing too many Medicare patients. If you think that family and general practice docs make a lot of money you do not have the current facts at all. Maybe at one time that was true in this country. NO MORE.
    Here’s the fact: specialists make a lot of money. The family docs that take care of most of our problems barely are staying afloat WITHOUT seeing any Medicare (which pays them even less than private insurance).
    Wake up America! Things are different these days. We a have a problem that is going to grow unless Medicare raises what they pay the docs.

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