Scott and Jaxon reviewed the week as it was, in pop culture.

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mjone1 Pop Culture Roundup (Audio)

FOREST LAWN CEMETERY is very upset with Michael Jackson Fans.  Some have been writing messages on MJ’s tomb in Sharpie.  The messages are all kind sentiments, but the cemetery is not pleased with the graffiti.  In an attempt to keep the peace, local MJ fan clubs have now offered to help clean up and remove the graffiti.

speed racer Pop Culture Roundup (Audio)

The voice of Speed Racer, PETER FERNANDEZ, died of lung cancer.  you all remember Speed Racer as one of the original, if not the very first of the popular Japanese Anime genre cartoons to make its way to television sets in the United States.Peter Ferenandez was 83 years old.  Scott wishes that the anime craze, coupled with the success of walking freak show Lady Gaga, had not inspired otherwise attractive women to put contacts in their eyes that make their eyes look huge.  Whatever…

beavis pic Pop Culture Roundup (Audio)

MTV and MIKE JUDGE are in talks to bring BEAVIS and BUTT-HEAD back to TV with all new episodes.  Jaxon’s excited to see the fact that Mike Judge is willing to talk with MTV about bringing back the iconic ’90’s cartoon.  Scott couldn’t even remember whether Judge’s popular “King of the Hill” show is still on the air.  That’s because Scott liked the show at first but couldn’t find it in himself to continue to listen to the exact same “propane salesman” jokes over and over again.

mel Pop Culture Roundup (Audio)Jaxon debuted his new game, REEL MOVIE or REAL MEL game. Jaxon played movie clips of Mel’s movies vs. clips of Mel allegedly screaming at his baby mama.  Listen to the audio of the segment posted above and see if you can tell which clips are the REAL Mel and which are the crazy rants taped by the mother of Gibson’s child.  Can you tell which one is a movie line or an angry rant?  It might sound like a silly exercise but be warned, dear listener, that the challenge is not nearly as easy as you might at first think.  Plus, there’s enough tape to use that if you wanted to create your own home version of the game, you’d have no shortage of material.  It’ll be hours and hours of fun for you!

brett buy here Pop Culture Roundup (Audio)Scott wrapped up the segment with news that all KRLD listeners can get HALF PRICE TICKETS to the upcoming BRETT MICHAELS show, July 20th, at the AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER.  To find out how to get your half-priced tickets, click here.

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