The NTTA says it’s losing revenue on a lot of drivers who don’t have toll tags.
The toll road authority expects to lose 18 million this year alone because of billing problems.  In the first three months of 2010, about a third of all non toll tag users did not pay to use the George Bush, Rayburn Toll Road and Dallas North Tollway.  NTTA Chairman Paul Wageman tells the Morning News the conversion to all electronic toll roads was a smart move, but there have been unintended consequences.  There are a number of things that are causing the NTTA to miss out on revenue the biggest being the around 2 thousand toll cameras that are used to take pictures and bill users.   Nearly 40 percent of the unbillable transactions had camera images that were too dark, too fuzzy or just un-readable.  In some cases…there was no image of the vehicle at all.  The NTTA says it’s selected a vendor to replace existing cameras and to add new ones.