Arizona Official: Challenging Law Is Holder's Duty

Arizona’s top law enforcement official has acknowledged that Attorney General Eric Holder has a duty to challenge the state’s new immigration law if he thinks it’s unconstitutional.
Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard was grilled by a Democratic congressman during a House hearing Thursday about criticism of the Obama administration’s challenge of Arizona’s new immigration law.
Congressman Al Green of Texas asked Goddard whether Holder is duty-bound to uphold the Constitution and to challenge the law if the thinks it’s unconstitutional.
Goddard responded, “If that’s his sincere belief, he has no choice.”

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  1. Emily Perez says:

    I heard Jay McFarland’s comments earlier today on Ch 21 news and I was very dissapointed in KRLD and Ch 21 news for the comments made by Jay. He basically supports SB1070 otherwise known as the racial discrimination law. Here’s why I’m upset: the proposed law is not aimed at targeting illegal immigration by itself, the problem is that it proposes to target illegal immigrants by questioning people based on how they look. So if I’m Black and I wear a dashiqui, could I be questioned for being an illegal from Africa? Or if I wear a head covering could I be questioned for being here illegally from Saudi Arabia? What if I wear a cowboy hat? Maybe I’m not a Mexican immigrant, maybe I’m just from Texas! What the freak is going on with people nowadays that they think its ok to single people out based on how they look and ask them for legal status? If that stupid concoction of a law passes, I hope they question the wrong person and get sued for it. It will be great if they sued by a bunch of people that are going to bait them by appearing as something they have in their mind, and its going to turn out, they were just set up to make a point. Stupid is, Stupid does and Arizona is pretty stupid for for proposing this ridiculous set up.

    1. paul says:

      Perhaps you should become more educated about what the AZ law actually entails before repeating the biased rhetoric so many other misinformed individuals have propagated. There are many– even some in Congress- who have ultimately admitted they also criticized the law without having read it.
      It’s alarming how comments like yours highlight the fact we lose daily our sense of national pride and unity—to be Americans- in exchange for the fight for recognition and special privileges for so many separate groups defined by ethnicity, sexual preference, and the like. I hope it’s not too late before folks realize the cost to maintain our security and identity as Americans might be some slight inconveniences at times.

  2. Lupe Escatel says:

    You have any right to protest any thing remember this was Mexico tell the white race stole it all we do is worke frome sun up to sun down to make this contry what it is the best you remember the sane black is beautiful brown is grate but white is the color of the man I remember that every time I’m in 100 plus heat I would like to see you ther with me were not the problem were the solution

  3. Daniel says:

    Hey here is a question for all the illegals coming to the US .Why not have the gonads to all go back to your country,and fix it ?You are so proud of Mexico,and waving your flags in our face,surely if 2 million go back,you could take it over

  4. Giselle says:

    I am so sick of illegals & liberal idiots acting like this is about race. It’s about being here ILLEGALLY & taking advantage of government programs and resources meant for citizens of this country while not having to pay taxes or buy health or auto insurance. And let’s get real, amigos – there aren’t 20 million Africans or Palestinians here illegally. If I’m not mistaken, Texas broke away from Mexico almost 200 years ago because of turmoil in the Mexican government (so what else is new?) – so get over the “this was Mexico” inanity. It hasn’t been Mexico for a very long time and we’re not going to let you make it Mexico again.

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