We’ve all heard about people being too fat to fly, but too thin?  That’s apparently what happened on a recent Southwest Airlines flight.
Dallas-based Southwest says the crew on a flight from Las Vegas to Sacramento was put in a difficult situation recently.  They were forced to make a choice between an obsese teenager and a woman who fit fine.  The 14 year-old was flying solo, and only one seat had been purchased for him.  The problem was, he didn’t fit in one seat, so the woman who’d purchased the last standby ticket was asked to get off the plane so the teenager could have two seats.  Southwest says the decision was made because the teenager was flying alone, and the airline adds that the woman was booked on the next flight to Sacramento.  The airline stressed that if the obese passenger had been an adult, he would have been asked to buy another ticket. Southwest said it planned to extend a formal apology to the woman that was booted.