A man dressed as the Dark Lord of Sith was captured on film robbing a bank.

No lightsabers were displayed, but the villan known from the famous STAR WARS movie series, did brandish a pistol as he robbed a bank in Long Island.

vader bandit Darth Vader Robs Bank True SW enthusiasts were quick to point out that if it was indeed Lord Vader, he has changed his standard uniform.  This “Vader” wore the traditional helmet, and chest plate, but his pants were camouflage and he was cloaked in a nice blue hued cape.  Not the standard black known from all his film appearances.  

 Police have stated that the jedi master escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash. 

vader bandit 2 Darth Vader Robs Bank

 Shown in the pictures here and the video below, Darth Vader can be clearly seen waving his gun around as he was captured by several cameras during the robbery.  It is unknown if any jedi powers were displayed in the process of committing the crime.