Woman Hit And Killed By Bus

A pedestrian is struck and killed by a bus in downtown Fort Worth this afternoon. Police say the woman was in the crosswalk at 6th and Houston when a bus from The T made a left turn and hit her.  Traffic investigators are trying to determine who had the right of way.   The bus driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution. There were two passengers on the bus but were uninjured.

7 27 bus 2 Woman Hit And Killed By Bus

7 27 bus Woman Hit And Killed By Bus

  • JACK

    It was just a matter of time before this occurred. Since they have begun the road construction in Downtown, the buses have been barreling down the roadways on their “alternate routes.” Many road crossings have become close calls for pedestrians and buses making their way between the city blocks. The buses make their turns constantly without having the right of way. My colleagues and I have had to step back up onto the curb numerous times when a bus ignores the walk sign and makes their left hand turns, without having the “right of way.” Many of them do not even pause to check for pedestrians. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family. I hope this brings awareness to the dangerous speeds at which the buses are traveling through downtown Fort Worth.

  • April

    Bus drivers are given almost unattainable time points to meet and though we don’t know who had the right of way, I have seen people cross those streets on foot without the right of way all the time! Wherever the fault lies, this is a terrible tragedy and my prayers go out to the victims family as well as the bus driver involved.

  • hope

    I hope and pray the women did not jay walk oviously the bus driver did not see the women.

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