Grapevine-based Benny Hinn Ministries is putting out an emergency appeal for money, about two-million dollars, because the controversial faith-healer says donations have come up a little short lately.  Hinn is popular as an advocate of the so-called prosperity gospel which draws followers world-wide.  But he has also attracted criticism from lawmakers and watchdog groups.  In fact, Hinn is one of a half-dozen tel-evangelists who have been targeted by federal lawmakers investigating compliance with IRS rules for non-profit organizations.  On his Website, Hinn says he has accumulated a seven-figure deficit in the past few months because offerings at some international appearances did not cover expenses.  This comes less than a week after the National Enquirer published photos of  Hinn and a woman leaving a Rome hotel together, holding hands.  Hinn remains married but six months ago he and his wife of 30 years filed for divorce.