Mosque Near Ground Zero (Audio)

In case you missed our discussion about the mosque planned near Ground Zero, here it is.  My thanks to Blake Hounshell at Foreign Policy Magazine for kicking off the discussion tonight.   You can listen here and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below:

Scott Braddock

  • nrh_123

    “Tolerance and openness”? Without measure?

  • texmln

    I guess everyone who supports the mosque/terror center would whoeheartedly support having the offices of Aryan Nations or another neo-Nazi group across the street from the Holocaust Museum. It’s absolutely the same situation. If you’re misguided enough to believe that Islam is just another religion, you haven’t read one iota of its history. Forget about Islam’s relatively modern terror streak in the last 50 years. They’ve been at it FOR CENTURIES using the same M.O.

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